Capturing moments ~ picturing emotions

A week of lessons...
This is what it has been
and like all school subjects
it had its easy, difficult,
enjoying, rewarding 
and more hard to deal with
So, Monday to Friday, 
capturing moments,
picturing feelings,
through the natural flow of life
Here we are:

Monday ~  feeling fresh & energised from a relaxing weekend

grateful for warm sunny weather, 
so unusual for the country I'm currently living in,
I'm grouping together some of my favorite cloud shots
and get them prerared to be listed in the shop
Still not publicly listed at the moment...
will inform you when they are


Teusday ~ a need to look inside arises

  must have been the rainy weather


    which was welcome as a pleasant change

                                     ~ ~ ~
                          soon love was in the air, 
                          much like a floating balloon

It's Wednesday ~ my lovely flickr partner and I 
are in a romantic mood and 
we are putting together a diptych,
 making an ode to being a woman

    ~ ~ ~

In the same mood, I'm remembering the warmth felt 
when walking in the cobbled streets of Limburg 
with my mother just a few days ago

                           ~ ~ ~

Thursday ~ a bright, happy morning, 
as the first part of the blog post
 I had prepared for Ikea Family Live went on air
....such a wonderful feeling 
to be cooperating on a creative level
 - even just on line - 
with the company I adore 

                  ~ ~ ~

and later lightening strikes, 
as in life happy occasions and sad ones
sometimes go hand in hand,
with sudden negative feelings and emotions having to be dealt...
....looking for keys,
 I reminded myself that all answers lie inside us 
and put together a collage 
with work of incredible talented flickr contacts & friends.
 (For direct links to their websites please click here)

                             ~ ~ ~

Friday ~ having felt extremely vulnerable,
the notion of building fences around us
 to protect ourselves comes prevailing in my thoughts
and then I realise that so long as I love,
 I'm protected,
 but this doesn't mean that I'll never hurt, 
as I'm only as imperfectly human as us all
and decide to let go of all pain 
that might have been caused

                                    ~ ~ ~

Eventually, I wrap my arms around myself 
and give me a tight, caring, loving hug, 
as a lovely friend suggested...

I'm happy
That's why....

                        ~ ~ ~
 May  you be having yourselves a mostly happy weekend, keeping in mind that happiness is a deep notion, that goes beyond simply celebrating and much deeper down inside to the depths of our existencies. Being alive and so blessed as most of us are, who have the luxury of reading or writing similar lines, IS happiness.

P.S: by clicking on the ~~~ under every picture, you are taken to each corresponding one in flickr, where  words, opinions, feeback, support and often much love is exchanged.


  1. A lovely wrap up of a week of ups and sometimes downs. You are an extremely creative person Ivy, I'm in admiration.

    Once, about a hundred years ago ;), I studied architectural, interior and furniture design so you understand it's wonderful to see you work, your photos, read your thoughts and heartfelt words.

    Thank you forr that and have a lovely rest of the weekend hoping you're having the same blue sky as we have in France! xo

  2. Hi Marion,

    the weather has been showing a bright, sunny face today, quite possibly the same with the one in France!
    ...now don't you think you look way too good for having studied that many years ago?....must be the French air and the fact that you deal with things you love.

    Thank you for you kind comments, they mean a lot either way, but the fact that you've done relative studies adds a satisfying feeling that you "judge" having some certain tools in your hands and I'm glad for that.

    Concerning admiration, it goes both ways, as I recently spent some - more - time on your online galleries...stunned!I love everything I see always when sighed by you!

    Take care dear
    meet you also on our online playground
    xo :)

  3. Ivy your blog is such a feast of visual delights - your sense of style and creativity are truly inspiring.

  4. Dear Doreen,

    your words and actions have brought me much happiness and comfort. I thank you so much for that.It's a great feeling knowing that such a wonderful person like you finds inspiration in my doings.

    Lovely that we've met.
    Best of wishes and much love,
    Ivy xx