~ on a Facebook fun page

well, it's been a long day in front of the computer today and I must admit this makes me a little tired.
As a person I need exchange between doing things {still mostly one at a time} 
and by this I do not mean virtually jumping from working on pictures, to posting them on flickr,
to checking etsy, to seeking inspiration on pinterest, to writing blog posts, 
to writing {just a very couple of} 
mails and to finally creating a Facebook page for this place here.
I mean actually being involved in working on decoration or crafting projects.
Or even in photography.

It has been worth it though, as I have been for far too long wanting to do so.
Spring is always a good time for new beginnings or taking up things from there where we left them.

After long weeks of "sleeping over" the matter of on line existence and the multiple platforms of doing so,
it has come naturally that I'm clear enough to proceed with this.

I'm not afraid of the possible exposure anymore and I'm ready and willing to embrace all the possibilities that  such mediums offer to people like us, including me.

I'd like to stay longer and chat, but after already having had dinner and done the dishes
{damn you broken dish washer!}
I need a rest from typing and soon from the screen altogether.

I just wanted to let you know these couple of things:

1~ I felt very, very touched and happy by the comments left on today's recent post
{which also brought me to getting to know a little tiny bit the incredibly lovely person behind this magical photograph}

2 ~ I'd be extremely thankful and appreciative if you took the time to visit the Facebook Fun Page created today and be so nice as to "like" it {that is only and if you really do so ;)}
while also suggesting it to your friends or 
people you might think would like to read and see some of the things posted here.

3 ~ starting next week I'll be going back to school, completing the last week of {almost} daily morning German classes I have started 6 weeks ago, something which includes a certain amount of studying and practising, too. So unless I start posting in German,
 I'll try to keep the posts here short and more focused on pictures.
{and now I hope that if my German teacher is reading that, 
she'll be happy for me taking her class so seriously ;)}

Till then, there is time for posting, but also lots of other projects are waiting to be completed. So I had better keep the balance, if you know what I mean.

Hope to talk more with you all soon!
I'm so grateful and happy for the comments you share :)
Have a wonderful evening.

P.S: the photo of ridiculously happy me dealing with my creations, sitting in our sofa corner is made by JCN, or else my very low profiled companion, whom I very dearly thank for the successful photoshooting at 8 o' clock of what was a normal weekday.


  1. Oh my dear, you're simply beautiful in this picture. I was thinking that I don't have nice picture of me IN my apartment, just pictures OF my apartment..what a pity! I have to teach some photography tips to my husband! ;-)
    Ilaria xx

  2. I love this picture of you Iro! No more hiding behind cameras .. Although for me personally I thought it was a bit to much these last weeks... If only I could have this beautiful Carribian tan back then haha..Oh well.. lets move forward I am gonna like your FB Page and add you to my page pages too ;)
    Have a good night ;)

  3. This photo is very soft and lovely, like you...

  4. There is something about you now after the long break.....you are glowing from inside and it shows outside....and I am just so happy for you! Hello to Jan :-)

  5. @ Ilaria: eventhough Mr J is a very good photographer himself,I like things my way. So, the director of the photo's framing is...me! So prepare everything and just tell him to push the button ;)
    @ Desire, you look lovely at the magazine my dear and I'm sure everybody holding the latest issue of IFL in their hands would agree! Thank you for the FBpage love! xoxo
    @ Madhu dear, you should know about it ;)
    @ cafenoHut: thank's a lot & for joining this place & the lovely comment :)