smiling clouds, cozy homes & making it to the top of the world ;)

this is my attempt in a short post...which will mostl probably, fully fail I'm afraid
...but let's see ;)

a little story my dear friends, readers and joiners of this virtual on line ship...or plane...or even arch of Noah if you wish to believe so...
a while ago today among your encouraging & supportive comments came one from a German lady who runs {this} small but oh so very lovely shop...


am so glad she introduced herself ,
cause I discovered a {lovely blog} and products I really adore, too!
...and should financial issues were not so tight, I'd indulge in both of the items pictured above.
Sofort! Immediately!

it's hard resisting to order this simply adorable wooden cutting board seen above & below

clean lines + shape of home + little cut out heart = my heart is stolen forever!

I promise me to be able to afford it once for my future kitchen
and when a baby comes its way or there is an occassion for a present,
then the {cloud mobile} will be my choice...

are you with me here?
and please do let me mention how I love the simply styled & brilliant pictures she uses!

don't you adore all these porcelain lids with the golden details above?

in love . I am . indeed . 

and as this attempt for a short post is obviouly totally failing...
and since I curated another Etsy treasury with more products I love...
and since they fall nicely in the colour mood set by the products just presented,

here it is my dears, another set of 16 reasons to adore Etsy and make your home a unique, beautiful & stylish place, carrying its own personality, having its own life..

the title?
...as you see I'm trying to keep the spirits up under difficult situations ;)

take a closer look {here}
and visit directly the sellers & their great shops 

leaving you with a sweet good night
and see you here quite soon, discussing.... notebooks!
and - drum roll please! - there is a high chance tomorrow' s second post will be this simple, yet pretty nice home project I've been mentioning since yesterday morning ;)


  1. attempt to short post + many words = failed hihi

    Never mind tomorrow is another day.. and to be honest is was good information with great links That I will check out ;) I think you are just not a woman of little words!
    now go to bed! sleep well my friend x
    From Amsterdam with love

  2. I love clouds! Iro, my friend Toni makes porcelain ones...have a look here..they are adorable. Congrats on yet another beautiful treasury!


  3. Glad you are enjoying the posts + etsy treasuries lovely ladies :) Jo, thank you for introducing me to your friend's shop, it's really gorgeous! i love the clouds!