patterns & sripes & touches of red ~

...so my dears, Tuesday afternoon is already here...it took me a little longer to return than I thought, which is often the case, still this is something to only consider postive, as there is nothing that comes first than "real" life and myself as part of it. 
The truth being that I'm becoming more & more enamoured with posting, I wish to do so quite often...yes indeed. Still, there would be nothing more untrue than squeezing my day & life in order to come and post here. Something which would eventually show. 
So, I'm delighted to tell you that each time I'm putting a post together, it is an organic process, fully adjusted to the happenings of my life and day, rather than the other way around.

...speaking of this, remember me wishing to share with you an easy home project during {yesterday's first post}?
well, I still do, and will do so...patience please ;)

...in the meantime, as I was instantly infatuated by the idea of participating in bloggers' {stripe-mania}, originally organised by Holly's {decor8} &  {Igor}
with whom I enjoyed a fun evening of twitter message exchanges, 
{totally unlike me.... as you may figure out someone here was making fun of me},
my whole mood seems to be coloured by this dress I put on!

so, the first post for today 
{as you reckon there are big plans for a second one, but this time I'll be keeping quiet until it happens ;)}
is inspired by yesterday's {stripey pose}...

wanna see what inspiration I've pulled together?
great!...come along with me :)

as you see above & from the opening {collection of 16 pretty items} from the world of Etsy,
stripes, patterns & touches of red are leading my current styling mood....

I know you are all quite familiar for my love of white & naturals but I do occassionaly indulge in games of patterns and colours.....alsmost always with an earthy base though.

Here are two of my very favorite accessories:

a bag by the brilliant bag designer Adrianna, 
who runs the fabulous etsy shop {drika b},
and which I have been holding since the summer of 2009, 
taking her fearlessly anywhere I go,
as except from outstandingly beautiful designs, 
the designer also produces super quality!

you can find more about her {here}, as she was recently the featured seller in Etsy pages

and to go on with favorite accessories,
a pair of flat sandals, super comfy & reminding of slippers perhaps,
a darling present I received while I was in Greece 
{ the most darling part was that I got to choose them ;)}

since this post is all about patterns & stripes and accessories
and one cannot forget my big love for photography as well,
here are a couple of shots to share, 
which bind nicely together with the colour mood
whole atmosphere here today:

Amazing Sintra in the north of Lisabon, visited on a short trip this Spring,
with its incredibly charming buildings and ultra adorable family scenes like this above!
note: do you notice the vertical lines schematised by the hanging clothes?
...I thought so ; )

...and then a little bit of old Athens, shot during the last days of my recent stay there,
{ so much to share dears!}
combined with the shot of my favorite bag I showed you a while ago, 
laying on a circle jute rug in our German tiny kitchen
{with black & white stripes at its ending}
for a little contrast...

contrast between the renovated & abandoned classic, old buildings
and a contrast between living in an apartment which is at times fully organised
and at times...not so fully organised ;)

I hope you have enjoyed this post....
as I'm writing these lines to end it , 
I feel the hapinness & amusement I've had putting it together....

not making promises of exactly when,
but c u here quite soon!

Welcome to all new readers ~ I'm so delighted & honoured to have you on board!

Thank you :)

P.S: have I mentioned that the link to the treasury I curated this morning is right {here}?
indeed it is!


  1. arkei i prwti eikona kai mono gia na niwsw eutuxia! eimai pragmatika erwteumeni me ta grammata kai me patterns. [ftaiei ligo kai i sxoli mou]

    poli positive post kai xaroumeno!
    have fun kiria mou!! elpizw apo dw kai pera na ta leme!! :D

  2. LOVEing the Red inspiration Iro! Making me smile right now =)

  3. Lovely mix of pictures I always like some red touches . Next to blue it's a color that always returns in my home now and then ;)

    Stunning Lisboa picture!

  4. Thanks so much for including our thank you sign in among all these awesome items! It seems right at home!

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments! Ever glad that you like this post ~ I literally adored writing it...so it feels great to know you are inspired & had fun :)