~ hello! Stripe a pose ;)

now this is not really a post but a note to let you know that
 I indulged in stripe mania & joined in the fun of bloggers wearing stripes,
a virtual party organised by Holly Becker's decor8 & Igor

fun? yes!

c u later with a new {real} post
quite busy indeedy ~


  1. Great shot! If you don't mind, I have a technical question for you, given that I'm trying to learn more about photography. Is your living room that bright or you're using a slow shutter speed? I'm asking because the only way I can get bright photos in my south-oriented living room (ok, it's true that the sun is too high in the sky at my latitude, so it doesn't enter directly into the room like in Germany...) is with a slow shutter speed, and for that, I have to put my camera on the tripod - no way I can take pictures holding the camera like you do! So, that's why I'm asking... Or you edit your photo and add brightness? I hope you don't mind me asking all this, but I'm really eager to learn more!...

  2. Iro .... I LOVE THAT DRESS :D
    I need to do more self portraits, Your`s are always beautiful xoxo

  3. Such a lovely pic and your stripey dress is fab!x

  4. Natalie, Lana, Rita, thank you all lovely girls for your compliments :)
    The stripey dress is a mashine knit 100% cotton piece from Zara, bought to myself for my birthday 4 years ago. Wear it only occasionally but each time I love to do so.

    Rita dear, the picture's exposure is slightly enhanced but the truth is that this is a heavenly bright place we are living in, thanx to the facts that:

    ~ it's a Penthouse on the 4rth floor
    ~ it's a loft, meaning there are no walls & it has stairs to a second open floor/gallery[except from the bathroom]
    ~ there is a central window 3,5 meters high which also has an inclination to the roof
    ~ we are indeed sometimes bothered by the light on {rare} fully sunny days, but we are not really complaining ;)

    To take such a picture in front of the mirror I of course do not focus manually. It is a quick shot. Made 5 and chose the 5th, as it turned out well.
    Good luck with your photography & crafting!

  5. I love how your camera strap forms it's own stripe draped across your arm..v clever!

  6. stunning dress!!

  7. Very nice shot! I love stripes also!!!
    Please take a look @ my blog, shop is cooming soon...


  8. den kserw an me thumasai, alla eixame gnwristei prin ligo kairo sto art athina. elpizw na pernas teleia.

    kai to forema einai fovero!! glad to find your blog at last!

  9. Jo & everyone thank you for your super nice comments :)Angelina dear, I remember you of course & our meeting at Art Athina! I know it's ok to be writing in English for you, so that all understand ;)
    Thank you for your compliment & am really very glad you came over here!
    Hope all is well with you in Greece,take care ~

  10. I had better write in english. You are right!!
    aren't you in Greece?? Lucky you!!!

  11. Angelina: have returned @ home in Frankfurt since about a week...xo :)

  12. @ Iro this is great!! have an amazing time and enjoy yourself!! :D