Goodmorning ~ i love you shades of blue!

 Good morning everyone with ~>

this being the colour palette I'm working on and getting inspired these days,
thought it is a quite nice way to begin posting this week here...
~ how about you, what do you think?
~ how has your weekend been?
~ have you perhaps had a chance to read the first post up on my return in Germany a few days ago?
~ {favorite corners + a shining star for you}, should you wish to do so, with pretty lovely home decor suggestions among my ramblings ;)

...having recently returned from my trip to Athens in Greece,
where an encounter with the blue of the sea & the sky was a daily matter,
{much like this gorgeous view from our family friends Penthouse, 
in the same block of flats we used to live},
 the items above make me feel all the freshness & tranquility that life by the sea brings...
and as always, I'm delighted to be sharing nice things with you here ;)

ready to dive into the blue & spread your wings?

...didn't it feel absolutely great?

Knowing that passing by this online place, a sense of calm, positivism and a creative mood, 
 is brought to you while getting inspired,
really gives my day a meaning that I had never thought before how important it would be!

It is....and I'm actually happy for that. Very :)

now...would I by any chance have mentioned that despite the current troubles in my original home country,
I feel very blessed & lucky to have been born there and having spent almost 33 years of my life,
in a home just next to the sea?
and got to live in such a {gorgeous room}?

Due to financial difficulties, my family might not be living anymore in {a comfortable 150 sm apartment}, just 200m from the sea {with 60sm of verandas all over and a huge, green garden!}, 
but the new small place which was bought two years ago {aka Apart 44},
 the new architectural design, renovation & decoration of which I fully undertook, 
 has been a project where tremendous amounts 
of effort and love were put into by my side.

I must admit, that downgrading after so many years is the hardest project I've ever had to deal with.
Not to mention the fact that I was personally involved, as it was my parents home I was working on. Not an easy task, I'm telling you...

Learning to live with less space & less money after half a life time is really a challenge with a capital C ~

Still my friends, I'm really determined to gain back all that has been lost...
and this time, I hope to be able to build for us {parents & my life companion}
a summer house, somewhere by the sea...perhaps on an Aegean island....

I'm convinced that by putting my knowledge and abilities into use,
I will be able to become affluent financially 
and offer us a standard of living I really stand for and support

...enough ramlbing and thank you so dearly for listening...in fact reading...
I feel so happy to have made this on line place,
 as it honestly serves as a spiritual & psychological sanctuary,
together with being an inspirational place for both you all & me.

Thank you once more!

Now, as the day is rather full with jobs and projects,
I'll be leaving you with a glimpse of a few last moments captured in Apart 44,
before I jumped on my flight to Frankfurt on previous Wednesday.

I'll be back with a truly lovely & easy to make home project to share, while discussing a bit more ;)

...till then do hop on the links of the pictures above to read more of my thoughts
as they are shared on flickr ~

have a wonderful start in the new week + the loveliest of Mondays ahead!


  1. Hello Iro! I'm glad you're back! I'm also in love with blue shades... blue galore, sea and sky, surrounds me here in the Algarve! I wish you a wonderful week too!

  2. Absolutely & utterly stunning.
    All of it.

    Thank you also for sharing your story.
    New starts are often difficult,
    but they do enable us to grow...
    So go ahead... and spread your wings!

    & good luck!

    PS. Oh, and thank you ever, EVER so much for including my pouch in that GORGEOUS treasury!!!

  3. Rita, Holly, thank you for your comments my dears! Dear miss Pilli Pilli, it has been my absolute pleasure visiting your lovely shop & blog!