~ favorite corners + a shining star for you

. . . after a week of having made the last post here, I can say that I really missed it!
Before going on with my usual small talk,
 let me first very dearly thank you all new readers who have recenlty joined this place 
 also thank you all for reading!

. . . checking the stats here is something not done so often, 
but must admit that an average of more than 500 daily views, 
especially while there have been no new posts this week,
 has brought a smile up on my face
. . . like this ~> : D

So my dears, here I am, back in {my favorite corners}, at home in Germany, 
 having lot of new parameters to consider in my life, 
 I will make sure that financial profit is made anyway I can. 
{relative posts on the subject here, here & here}

Let me not talk further about this now though, just perhaps let you know that 
the items of the shop I run under the name {New Ivy Style} are being currently offered at a 30% off.
 To encourage you to shop more and asssist me, 
while you'll be making your homes or your friends homes
 just a little happier 
 more beautiful with every one of your choices!

I shall be soon bringing almost daily news from the shop here, 
while there are still lots to share from my recent 5 week stay in Greece
Pictures, people, places . . . 
 . . . all with their interesting and pretty stories.

Real stories...real people...real life.

Utiil my posting rhythm is found again, 
I'm leaving you with a collection of my recent favorites from the world of Etsy, 
all personally chosen and recommended for you to bring to your homes.

Hop {here} to see the shoppping list live 
remember that {you are my shining star ~ } . . .
we all have one inside us . . .

c u quite soon 
 hope you are all spending the loveliest of weekends!


  1. Nice moodboard you made ;) I do check my stats now and then.. I can discover unknown places of people who read my blog .. or copy my stuff haha
    Bonne dimanche!

  2. Glad you like the mood board Desire my dear ~ always adore yours, too.
    As for checking stats, it's becoming a daily habit & yes indeed you do discover some marvelous other on line places!