The Sun is always t h e r e ... { and I believe in m i r a c l e s ! }

I'm an avid gardener.

Pretty proud of my succulents in the winter garden,

the olive tree in the bedroom,

{brought straight from Greece in my mother's suitcase pretty please, when she came to visit last winter,

mom you are a darling hero, have I ever told you that?}

the new, wonderful - whatever its name is  - dark green leaf plant

also currently residing in the bedroom

{which I'll show you very soon - smiles},

the aloe vera which has finally grown its roots and is happily multiplying

{also brought from Greece during a visit in the early autumn of 2011.
These "babies"  have grown from two large mother plants, residing at my parents balcony at Apart44.
And these two large plants have grown from the very first aloe vera I planted for one of my own apartments,
when I lived alone back in Greece, sometime in 2006...
you get the picture I guess ;)}

and most of all,

the plants that are welcoming us and people,
when they take the private stairs to our maisonette,
{located on the 1st and 2nd floors of a little house,
hosting alltogether 4 homes}

and the little trees and bushes and flowers planted in the front veranda.

All with my hands.

Dipped in dirt.
Placed in carefully chosen flower pots,
patiently bought one by one with little back then own earned money.

I look at them all now, during Spring,
taking so much pleasure and happiness for every new, fresh leaf they grow

and I think to myself *

If I can do that,
if I can plant and carefully nurture plants,

I can nurture myself and my life.

This is why, 

I   d o n ' t   g i v e   u p 

cause I already passed with success {to my surprise}
the moment I was ready to do so.

I didn't.

I'm still here.
Fighting for my LIFE,
the way I choose to do so.

As an adult.
With a clear vision,
Lots of faith,
and ready to enjoy every moment of the journey.

I don't know if you can follow or understand, but I'm immensly happy about it.
In ways that words cannot express.

Few months ago when it all seemed that all possible forces in the Universe
were against me,
I managed to say with a quiet but firm voice
sourcing from the deepest center of my existence:

I   t r u s t   m y s e l f .

I'm happy to share with you my way.

I'm convinced that something incredibly wonderful & positively impactive
can take place.

To close this post,

let me use the title:

The sun is always  t h e r e  {even when there are clouds in front of it}


I  b e l i e v e   i n   m i r a c l e s


* {pretty often I think to myself... "what a wonderful world"}


picture credit clockwise from top left: 
/ 3 {kindly drop me a line if you can help with locating proper credit} / 

collage curation: Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic Stories with Ivy, 2013


  1. All wonderful... words and photos :-)

    1. Thank you Serena :)

      Happy to hear that and have you over.

      Wishing you to enjoy a great day!

  2. Bellissime le tue parole colme d'amore per la vita e di tanto ottimismo, che sei riuscita a trasmettermi con una grande dose d'emozione!
    E' vero il sole c'è sempre.....
    P.s. ti ho scoperta grazie a casa facile e sono contenta che sei tornata ad aggiornare questo tuo meraviglioso blog pieno di talento!
    a presto

    1. Buon giorno my dear Emanuela,

      how incredibly lovely to see your face and find your comment here!
      Eventhough I took Italian classes back in 1995, when in college then studying Psychology, I can barely speak or write at the moment. But!

      I read through your comment out loud, enjoying the singing sound of your beautiful language, despite mistakes.

      I thank you warmly with all my heart for it. It brought me happiness, courage & joy :) Also thank you for reminding me about the featrure of my former home here in Germany, the Penthouse, in Casa Facile.

      I've never shared the good news here on my blog. I promise that I will fill you in on everything related, whether on line or printed features of my work, that have been taking place since quite some time now.
      Onea day at a time... one post at a time... while building my solid basis.

      Much love to you!
      Iro, xo

    2. grazie per le belle parole!

  3. No se tu vida,pero intuyo,me gusta lo que dices y como lo dices,me gusta tu optimismo!es tan contagioso!un gran abrazo!

    1. Hello my dear Begona!

      Google translate is kinda funny, but your sweet enthusiasm reached directly my heart, overcoming any barrier of languages!

      Thank you so much!
      Warm hug from me, too

  4. I adore your plants Ivy. And I am so happy to hear of your happiness and growth. I am so sorry to hear about your life partner. xoxo

    1. Good morning my dear Beverly!

      Thank you for coming along and feeling warmly with me. It means a whole lot.

      About the beautiful plants portrayed, they are not the ones that belong to me. But I'll come here showing mine to you and everyone here, with great happiness any time now.

      Please follow the links at the end of the post to reach to the lovely person behind the picture of the top right. Really sorry that I currently not offer a proper link for the one down and left.

      My warmenst of wishes of a great day to you!

  5. You have a great strength, the strength of life.. so don't give up! it's so wonderful to read you again!
    as plants can grow through the concrete, we have to find the will to go on! So, as you said, trust in yourself!
    Hope to read you soon!
    A big Hug from Italy!

    1. A big hug to you & Italy from me!

      Thank you for lovely words a& enoucragement :)

      After visiting Milan, Rome, Venice, Lago di Como, Lago Lugano & Magiore to name a few, I declare absolutrly in love with Italy!