A day in pictures

~ making cards
~ uploading some of this week's pictures on flickr

~ an organised chaos on our dining table, temporarily transformed into my working surface

~ two of the prints printed and framed, photographed this week before they were adjusted to the wall
~ a new order packed and shipped to a new destination and home

~ our living room corner as it currently is, with the addition of the five, square Ikea frames (Ribba) holding newly made prints, some already available at the shop and some available to be shortly.

~ may we all wake up in a  lovely Sunday,

Love, Ivy xx

P.S: to those lovely friends who threw a letter in my mail box, thank you for them.
I read them all with joy. Tomorrow will be a "writing mails" day, along with visits to family and probably more card making/ photographing them ready made.


  1. I love your packing orders ;)

  2. Lovely packaging, I think I need to step up my game!

  3. Hi sweet Giovanna,
    thank you for becoming a follower of my online journal and of course for your kind comments on the wrapping of the shop's items.
    Whether for the shop itself or for friends, I adore packing gifts.

    Hello Jeniffer,

    thank you for finding me and in return nice to discover your shop. I came by for a quick visit and already found a favorite one of mine. Lovely photographs.

    Concerning packaging, done this way, it's quite effort & time consuming (not to mention relatively costly as well) still the only way that I can do it in order to meet the standards that I've set.

    We shall be seeing more of each other at Etsy world, too.

    Best wishes for a wonderful start in the new week tomorrow to both of you,

    Ivy ~ xx