Spice up your life ~

Good afternoon. It's Friday evening and we are staying at home....time for relaxation, cocooning and for me a nice chance to bring here on the pages of my favorite diary, some of the pictures made yesterday. 
That white is my ever favorite "colour" for the fact that it carries incredible light within it, as much as of course all the colours of the spectrum is no secret. Neither is that I love to use it as a canvas for creativity mainly in interiors which are flexible, luminous and uplifting.
So no secrets shared. Just a collection of pictures with a rather humble subject to begin with:
~ garlic & onions ~
as humble as they may be they spice up every recipe!

So lets spice up our lives a bit
with garlic
and onions

with garlic & onions in luminous white
with garlic & onions playing with sunlight

and with the simplest labels from fine, thick paper, cut with one of those "magic" scisssors in a rectangle shape, reminding of these cereal biscuits we all grew up with and loved to dip in milk (I still do by the way). Final touch, our nicest handwriting and the cutest and tiniest of wooden pegs - which you can find in this fabulous shop, soon to be with us here. 
It's rather obious, still better to mention than left unsaid, that two simplest ceramic pots in white from Ikea in two different sizes are repurposed to holding our garlic and onions, instead their original use, of sheltering plants.

And since we are in the same natural palette 
 I thought I let you know 
that these three prints are freshly listed in the shop.
Above, "Heart Circus" which you may find here

"Frozen music" photographed on the top of
Milan's Cathedral, during our Christmas vacations
two years ago, which can be found here

and "Winter walks in Mallorca", taken in the streets of my ever
favorite village ~ Valdemossa ~ during our last visit there
this past January, which is now in the shelves of our dear shop, right here

Should you like one of these prints,
you have the chance to win one of them in a 5' x 5' size of square format,
also receiving a card and envelope set with the same print, much like those here.

These three along with the other six below portrayed in the mosaic, are to your luck's disposal
over at Heather's lovely place, Gathering Spriggs

You may be entering the competition until next Friday, the 1st of October
when the winner will be announced.
All you have to do to enter is leave a comment, stating which print you wish to receive.

Hope you are all spending a lovely Friday, where ever you might be
whatever you might be doing. And if by any chance you are reading these lines, thank you for joining me and my diary. We love good company ;)

See and talk to you soon, probably very soon
Till then be well and take care,

Love, Ivy xx


  1. Love those garlic and onion pictures!

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  3. Two wonderful ladies, two talented ladies reading my journal...makes me happy and I'll be soon calling it a night with a smile up onmy face...

    Thank you for your precious visit dear Theresa...
    Thank you for yours, too my dear Desire...hope you are not exhausted...let's mail tomorrow in between all the other "madness"...

    Love to you both ~ xx