Joyous moments

Good morning on a sunshiny and joyous Sunday morning filled with so much light...natural light and this so much needed internal light most of us are striving for, working for, wishing for and often enjoying.

The incredible warmth of friends is arriving in the mail box and reaches straight to my heart, making this one of those moments in time to cherish and remember.

In such a mood, I wish to share with you the joy I feel while packing orders for friends, customers and customer - friends

These pictures were taken throughout this week while new items were getting prepared to be sent to their new homes.

I cannot put into words the joy that I feel, when I pack each one of them, especially when I know a little bit of something about the person who is going to receive it.

This week I used my newly purchased cotton twine and cut stripes of white paper with the new scissors recently bought, to decorate and put them together, as I prefer to not use any Tesa tape at all.

Gift wrapping is always an adventure and I like to improvise instantly and surprise myself with what I can come up with! I also like to adjust the wrapping to the content of the packet.

May they safely reach their destinations and bring lots of joy and happiness to their new oweners...and to you my dear friends, the happiest and most joyful of all Sundays!

Oh before I go for now, here is the Etsy treasury I recently curated with items I would absolutely buy and bring to my home environment with much happiness. I hope to also offer you some inspiration, too!
You may visit it here and have a nice time while window shopping, actually shopping or simply getting inspired!

Remember it's all about pure LoVe ~~~

I actually did purchase and am patiently and with joy awaiting this wonderful reminder in milky white to come in our lives and home environment:

So while keeping calm and always carrying on, you may also have a look here, at another wonderful treasury, cutated by a very, very wonderful and mostly talented person, who owns two fabulous Etsy shops to indulge yourselves into with no guilt what-so-ever!

She chose my lined paper boats print named "Perception" to begin her treasury with, encouraging you to use all your senses to perceive this world... and I do, too!

So, do have a great Sunday my dear friends! It's been lovely coming here to connect with you.

Love always, 
Ivy xx


  1. each one carefully wrapped with loving hands~~gorgeous Ivy...and yes,keep calm and carry on...have a perfect Sunday~

  2. Oh Ivy. I love the kind that you have to wrap a gift.
    Your "keep calm..." is gorgeous. Excellent idea.
    You chose a excellent nick Ivy style, because
    "Ivy has style"

  3. Dear friends, thank you so much for the attention and your presence here. It's encouraging and so, so precious!

    Love to you from me

    Ivy ~ xx