My dear Diary....

My dear diary,

Good morning :) It's been a few days since I've come to write in your pages...I love coming here to share my thoughts and life happenings with you, as I know you are such a caring and attending listener. I realise that for every day that I don't come to write here, I love you a little bit more. I like that we have no fixed appointement, and our relation ship is based on freedom. My feelings are as strong the days I write here, as much as the days I don't.

So today, we'll be spending lots of time together, as there are lovely news I so much want to share!
To start with, your author has been accepted in three Etsy societies, she is very proud of being participating into. She's now a member of the Female Photographers on Etsy (fpoe), the Photographers on Etsy and last but certainly not the least, a member of the Etsy Embrace Project.

All these memberships provide chances for learning, meeting wonderful, creative, talented people, while at the same time the third one offers the opportunity to give a tiny little helping hand in the Research for the Cure of Cancer.

My shop and I, my dear diary, have enterterd this effort, by offering 33% of the earnings of the sales of these three - so favorite of mine, moslty for symbolical reasons - prints. While in time, there will be more and more items offered for charity, for the time being, this Cupcake Love, this Handwritten Love and these Boats of Hope mark the beginning of my joining this team.

I suppose you must understand how much pleasure and satisfaction this brings me, as it's been so many months since the idea and need to do something for charity had risen. It took longer than I thought, as to be able to give, we have to be in peace with ourselves and feel that there is actually something to share. Having dealt with  the dark sides of my feelings, this opened naturally the door to the will to offer. You know me, I do not force life and as much as this might sometimes be percieved as a lack of enthusiasm, plans or persistance, it is not.

There is a deep faith involved in this attitude, both in life itself and my existence as part of it. Throughout the years I've learned that there is a time for everything and that actually good things, need time to take place. There's nothing more rewarding than feeling life unfolding in an effortless pace, seeing that for every trouble that we once went through, for every heartache, for every tear, for every injustice, there are at least equally happy, joyous, carefree, fullfilling moments waiting  for us and indeed taking place.

Now, let's return to the present....today something new is going to take place at your pages. There'll be a wonderful person who will share with us her views on life, her worries, while offering some advice.
Last week, you met her, through the Tea party with a Queen that went on here. 
 ~ Do you remember?
 ~ Yes?.... splendid! 
It's indeed wonderful, beautiful, talented, warm hearted and caring Ciel.
She'll be talking about animals and laboratory experiments and share a few tips with us. I've said enough though....you'll just adore having her writing on your pages!

Given this opportunity, it's time to let you know that this will be occasionally happening again in the future. You and I are going to be offering these pages to people we love and admire, who are going to be presenting and talking about a life issue that matters a lot to them; matters that you and I would love to listen to.

So here is how it is going to happen: once a week (regardless of a fixed day) I'll be presenting to you one of my friends and telling you what I love and admire in them, their personalities, their work, life attitudes and life iteself. As I know you and I hold exactly the same views, one of the most important being: 1 picture = 1000 words, you'll therefore be seeing for yourself, why I feel the way that I do for all who'll be honoring us with their presence.

The week after, they'll be coming here to write in your pages, while I carefully listen to their truth and stories, enjoying their presence and friendship.

So my dear diary, I'll have to be leaving you soon, as I'm working hard for our shop. I'm sure you 'll love all the new items I've been preparing with lots of care and attention. I'm really looking forward to coming here and sharing them with you!
....but wait...did I mention that our shop was chosen at the begining of the week as shop of the day at papernstich from lovely Brittni? Yes, it was, as she loves the cards and prints we make!

And I certainly find my ~ Soud Candy ~ in producing handmade cards to place on the shelves of the  shop as much as filling them with the best of handwritten wishes to send to friends!

 Last note for today, the Treasury of wonderful objects from Etsy, which I recently curated, to put us in a mood which sets the ground perfectly for our mostly welcomed visitor, she herself being a girl with extreme taste and strong character in the softest of ways...

From Girl's secret desires, to a wonderful girl who adores animals and cares about them a lot
My dear diary, let's welcome Ciel!

My dear friends, Ciel will be with us this evening and we'd both so much appreciate if you took the time to read her informative post, always coming together with lots of wonderful pictures!

Till then, the best of wishes for a fabulous day!
 Ivy xx


  1. Dear Ivy .. I love to read you ....
    your photos are fantastic ... I send you warm rays of the Polish town of Nicolaus Copernicus


  2. Ivy! I can not tell you how much this means to me! You are super nice.. and i love your creative spirit! Thank you for inviting me! Can't wait to see the actual blog later today! XX & HuGZ!

  3. Hi Ivy. I love your pictures, you know. I'm here too to share :)

  4. OMG what a beautiful post, you are an amazing writer dear!!! Your just as good with words as you are with your photos...you amaze me :-)

    Congrats on everything - you so deserve it!

    Hugs/ C

  5. Dear Chistina,

    thank you for your wonderful support and kindest comments!Coming from someone so gifted and talented like you, it's a real compliment and honour ~

    Best wishes to you,
    we'll be in touch ~ xx

    Giovanna, thank you (once more)! It's a lovely surprise to be seeing you here, as well.

    Dear Ciel,

    this is more of a typical reply as we've already exchanged so many words of mutual happiness and admiration for one another...it's you I thank so much for showing so much interest in doing this. I learned a lot and absolutely enjoyed getting to know you a little bit better.

    Dear Biale,

    I'm quite touched you enjoy this place here. One of my dearest friends here in Germany is from Poland, too.
    Sending you the warmest of regards there in the town of Nicolaus Copernicus from our little German home.