Domestic Stories with Ivy chez....Vosges Paris!

Have a nice Saturday evening you all....it has been so lovely here on Domestic Stories these last few days! Since yesterday it has been really heart warming....and moving...and touching, which is good cause these pre Christmas days are all about such feelings after all.
Thank you all very much for enterring the "make a wish" give away and sharing your ONE wish here on the discusion board of this blog. 
It's a precious contribution from your sides, as there is so much potential created when individuals share directly from their hearts!
I wish to you all who have enterred so far, your wishes to become true. It is wonderful reading them and finding out a little bit more about you!
I love connecting to people and blogging is the main reason I begun to do so...totally accindentally and unplanned on the first place, but it is moving on to a direction as time passes and as it evolves together with me.

To return to you supporting me, there's a special lady I'd like to thank tonight:
 Desiree, author of 

mostly stylish Vosges Paris blog. There unfolds a story in grey & zinc you are sure to fall in love with, unless you have....already done so, which is quite possible.

She has been so kind as to give a helping hand on spreading the word about Domestic Stories, my Etsy shop NewIvystyle and the give away that is taking place here.
The little story behind our online meeting?
Desire and I met via the Ikea Family Live flickr group, where we both contribute pictures of our Interiors. We are Ikea lovers as you may well imagine and share a common basis on home decoration & styling despite some obvious differences in our styles.
I adore her home and am in awe of her magical ability to compose incredibly beautiful, stylish, interesting, crisp & clean spaces, while keeping everything simple.
I'd gladly move in anytime!
To support my sayings, I'll come back tomorrow with a post about some of my favorite spaces and will be bringing pictures from Desire's home as well with me.
Till then, do hop here and get a taste of how seducing a story in grey and zinc can be!

Finally, may I add how flaterred I am to have customers like Desiree enterring my shop?
Very :)
She chose the wedding present for a friend of hers a couple of weeks ago, making me feel so very special....to find out how she...married Ikea & handmade by order from my shop, you may read her post here. 

I'll leave you with a picture in winterish mood I made today...that is when there was a card in the camera....cause I also spent some fabulous times photographing the snow in the morning, without a card inside....oh well....what to say?...it was enjoyable anyway...but I think my organism needs a couple of extra dosis of zinc & ginseng ;)

See U tomorrow :)
Ivy ~ xx


  1. I meant to add my wish yesterday - but got sidetracked.
    But I think just the thinking about it through your prompt was all that was needed to make it come true.
    So thanks so much for helping to get it granted, Ivy.

    We are moving back to the Uk from China next year and cannot take Rufus, our dog back directly . We needed a friend to be generous and offer him a home for 6 months on mainland Europe before he could then enter the UK legally. My friend Gerd wrote to me yesterday to say they would love to have him in Copenhagen. That was the best present I could wish for .

  2. Kristy,

    Thank you for stopping by. Very glad you so find it this way :)

  3. Ingrid,

    wonderful to be reading that your wish has already been fullfilled. Thank you for sharing it here. Our four leged friends are so important to us so I undertand.
    May your wishes always be finding ways to be getting granted!

    Kind regards,
    Ivy ~