~ let it snow...

 Let it snow and....look whose there!

...on the bench covered in snow...a reindeer & a Christmas tree!
The cookie cutters which demanded that they get out in the snow and play...if only they knew that they would end up being covered with many centimeters of snow, maybe they'd have wished to stay in their drawer!

Good morning with a little winter story my dears...today there's time for blogging during the day, between being here and there and among the snow as well.  
I'll proceed with presenting you a couple of my favorite pictures from real homes as I promised here, but only after I share some current issues and pictures with you....after all this blog is  a diary where life is journaled as it occurs...hopefully a meaniglful and stylish one, one that inspires you to live a  creative life filled with love and abundance.
Sunday's post had to be postponed due to some technical difficulties (poured tea in computer area and all devices drying out for the day, luckily all managing to not...catch a cold!)
Mondays are quite often blog free days but yesterday I did enjoy some lovely flickring time.
The pictures below were posted in my account there, receiving quite a warm response.
(you can also see them on your left, from where you are directly connected to flickr)
If you are one of my flickr friends coming here, I hope I don't bore you with looking at the same ones!
I just couldn't leave the lines of my diary without having shared here this winter wonderland, too!
So, shall we ?...wearing a hat, scarf and gloves?
Boots, too?
It's wonderful but freezing cold!
Her's our wooden bench, covered in only one fifth of the snow that exists right now. 

...and the view from your living room window, one that makes me feel blessed for the fact that not only there is a roof above my head, but also a view of such lovely, roofs before me

Verna park, which is beautiful all year long, but seeing it dressed in white is my favorite I guess

and here's me playing along for the fun & creative  flickr group, bench Monday

I wonder, do you love a white winter as much as I do? Having been brought up in an Greek, Athenian suburb just across the sea, seeing snow, unless we travelled elsewere was a rarity.
and I so so much wished for a white Christmas each year!
...at least now I know that my prayers have been heard....I just had to be patient for a few years ; )

Wishing you all to be spending a fabulous last day of November!
I'l come later with more posts regarding shop updates and super beautiful, stylish, real homes.
Till then, stay warm, enjoy your days and enter a mostly heart warming discussion board on the comments section of  this post on the Essesnce of  Giving.
Exept from the pleasure that sharing our thoughts brings, you have the chance to win a Christmas special set from our gift shop, which is also available here.

Ivy  ~ xx

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