Analyse me ~ style!

Are you loving beautiful images of gorgeous homes in decoration magazines both printed and online?
Are you perhaps amazed by the talent some people have in putting together 
stylish spaces, independently of their approach to decoration?
Whether modern, minimal, romantic, elegant, eclectic mix, industrial, country, colourful, luxurious, natural or different mixtures of them together, we often wonder how these spaces are put together and wish that we achieve a similar outcome. 
Let me see if I can give  a helping hand with that, other than directly cooperating with you into designing or redesigning your home spaces.

The first key is that to be able to compose, we must also be able to decompose.
In simpler words, to be able to put together (compose) beautiful spaces, we should also be able to analyse a space.
These two go hand in hand.

So, today I want to do a little Style analysis with you and for this purpose I chose some of my very favorite pictures from 
{Have you by any chance read my recent post about how to create labels in six easy steps, while using the simplest of recycled and repurposed  materials? You can do so by hoping here @ the inspiring blog of Ikea Family Live}

To start our style & space analysis, above is Isis kitchen, in a fabulous combination of:
 black & white, modern simplicity and a little dosis of elegant romance added with the Ikea Bekvam stool, which she brilliantly painted pink and the vintage jug in milky white.
What is it that "makes" the whole image for me, apart from the blackboard and the pink, wooden stool? This little piece of detail which brings everything together and takes it high into the sky?
The gorgeous patterned reusable bag in white & black, (from Ikea of course, which I rushed to buy when I was in Greece) and the gigantic kitchen spatula, which adds just the right amount of warmth and detail, binding beautifully together, black, white & pink, modern, simple, minimal, practical & elegant together.

Except from having an extreme talent in putting together fabulous spaces,
Isis also owns a darling on line shop and keeps a gorgeous, stylish blog, which she writes together with her sister Nimue.  The whole project of their dancing tea or simply
The Dansant,  is a collaboration between those lovely sisters.
What a brilliant idea!
I love everything about this girl does! Perhaps I should arrange a more detailed presentation here in the future, as I aslo like her kind and quiet ways a lot. For the time being, just trust me and do hop over at her pages to simply delight your eyes and soul with all you'll see!

Now, what do we have here?

One of my ever favorite homes belonging to
Ana who lives in London's Notting Hill.
Her home is adorable to bits!

Adorable like this detail of heart made from little branches above her couch.

A wonderful example of how a white basis can bring out the best out of colours, like the books on the shelves. Superb, crispy white walls, wooden floors, and pastel, tones here and there, all creating a feeling of peacefullness, cozyness, while at the same time being pratical and elegant.
There are a lot more of gorgeous pictures of Ana's home, particularly her amazing dining table decorations and her daugther's super lovely room right  here.

And let's go on to another super pretty space, situated in Amsterdam, belonging to Desiree, the author of Vosges Paris, who is also a lovely customer of our gift shop. She usually places her custom orders directly to us, instead of via Etsy and made a lovely relative post this weekend if you 'd like to read.

To my opinion, Desire is a trend setter, she makes style herself and she does it so well and naturally.
She loves industrial design, yet she has this magical way of making it look so comforting, inviting and cozy. Grey concrete is her soft point and I so adore it, too!

Above in her home office space, I love how she is adding warmth by throwing a grey shipskin on her chair and using one of these multipurposed wooven baskets to organise the small things on the desk's office.
Can you notice that there are quite a few details, still the space looks very airy and light?
This is what happens when we use a white canvas and calm tones.
How about a look in her bedroom?

Simplicity and elegance in all their grandiocity, don't you find?
Using these low squared shelves is a great alternative to a nightstand. Perfect both for some organisation and display of some beautiful and unique objects.
 By leaving the walls "naked" above her headboard , she is free to be making endless mixing and matching with her bed linens, creating each time a very personal and intersting outcome.
I simply adore spaces which are fully decorated, without actually being much decorated.
Desire's home is such a perfect example.

Style analysis is over for today....let my ask, have you been following the points made?
Do you also "see" things that way?
Have you noticed something else in the spaces above?
Does the process of decomposing/ analysing a space help you gain insight into how beautiful, balanced spaces are put together?

Do let me know, would you? The comments section is always counting on your presence to get all warm and alive!
Thank you my dears :)

Ivy ~ xx


  1. I see things as a whole first mostly "filling" the mood of the photo, then I tend to focus in on the colour, texture or light. In the photos you listed here, it's really the texture that attracts my attention first! I love the contrasts between the warmth of sheep skin and the white smooth finish of the chair in the fourth photo, and the play of patterns, colours and textures of the mix matched bedding in the last photo.

    Thanks for posting interesting questions and sharing with us how you see each interior! :) I look forward to reading more posts relating to style! maybe I smell a series coming? :P


  2. Hi dear

    Thank you for a wonderful post. I loved reading this. There is not many blogpost about styling and the ideas/analyses of this and I find it very interesting. I notice mostly the tones - the tone in tone style, all the grey tones are so relaxing to look at. And thank you for sharing some great links..I am of to visit :-)

    Hugs and wishes for a wonderful day to you sweetie :-)

    xoxo Christina

  3. What can I say...I am honoured! Thank you..what a great company to be with!!!

  4. Ana my dear, the honor is all mine to have met you via flickr. Your sense of style is wonderful and has a discrete but clear signature of your own. I'm proud to be -at least for now - your online friend.
    You are always welcome and I'm so very glad you also enterred the give away! Loved reading your answer and I'm glad you had this cup of tea in hand...it it pretty much what I like to do when I write posts...being surrrendered to the moment's inspiration and joy of writing :)
    Best wishes my dearest to all three of you there ~ xoxo

  5. Dear Christina,
    Thank you for your nice comments and passing by. Wonderful to have over!I'm really glad you liked this post. It was just like saying out loud things that I would anyway be thinking when studying images of interiors.

    And Helen my dearest girl,

    you have certainly a decorator's eye. One can see it from your home and your amaznig crafts and unique creations.
    As for texture, yes, you are right. It's an element I adore, as I usually prefer natural tones and/or few colours in general. So texture is my tool for adding warmth and interest in a space. Desire definetely masters it!

    Warm regards & hugs to all you three my dears!
    Ivy ~ xoxo