~ Happy Holidays!

Happy new month to all! December is here for good and Christmas just around the corner. Have you done anything special for you perhaps today?
To celebrate the official beginning of the holiday season, I took just a few minutes and surrendered myself to instant inspiration.
You know, as much as there are countless, beautiful crafts out there in blogland and magazineland, which are worthy of giving them a try and gorgeous to look at, there is nothing like simply 
discovering our own ways.
This is why this post is only a suggestion and a reminder that with lots of love, appetite for creating and the simplest, basic & absolutely inexpensive materials, we can create beautiful things.
Even without having special talents.
This craft is baby-easy!
Here are my ingredients for creating a little festive garland, welcoming this holly season:

~ white paper
~ punched out showflakes from recycled, beige paper
~ jutta string
~ silver marker
~ glue
~ handwriting

All I did was cut out stripes of white paper (using scissors that make a wavy design) in similar and not identical pieces - absolute perfection tends to be less charming, so I measure everything by the eye, allowing for differences between the paper pieces.
Then I started adjusting them on the string, one by one by folding almost 1/3 of the piece of paper each time "behind" the string, using some glue.
When I finished, I wrote one letter on each one of the banner's  little "flags".
Let me mark here that I had previously decided the message I wished to write and had counted how many pieces would be needed.
Finally, I glued a few snowflakes here and there.
 Here it is!

Before thinking of using these wooden trees as the stands of our little banner,
I was going through the drawer with the kitchen utensils looking for some solutions.
I had chosen a pair of wooden chopsticks to play the role of the banners' stands and was planning to place them inside pots with plants.
I'm mentioning this, as in case you wish to try out something similar, a pair of such trees might not be available to you.
It doesn't matter at all!

So my dears, create and be merry!
Till next post
Lot's of love and warm wishes,

Ivy ~ xx


  1. I should be in bed now.....last comment before bed....you just outshine yourself each time!!! Night XX

  2. So sweet! You inspired me to create a holiday backdrop for shooting my pieces.

    Have a beautiful day!


  3. Madhu dear thank you so much my friend..nighty night there & sweet dreams ~ xoxo

    Anna, I'm so happy that you have discovered these pages. So lovely to get to know the person behind the beautiful creations! I love your work dear!
    Best wishes,
    Ivy ~

  4. truly beautiful. I want to come live in your house for awhile...without my dogs, kids... sigh. I dream of white spaces...