~ Gifted inspiration...

Hello my dears...happy Thursday to you!...have come with just a little bit more of inspiration for you today....let's have a look, shall we?

our living room above, dressed in white & a few golden touches,
with the Happy Holidays banner {read the how to here}, 
among candle lights, paper boats and an angel light garland...

Gifted, an online Holiday magazine & gift guide, put together by fabulous Ez from Creature Comforts and generously offered to us all.
You have to look for yourselves...the one page is better than the other!
Wonderful ideas and suggestions covering a wide range of tastes.

 My favorite craft from Gifted, chosen to be highlighted here:
A very simple, yet so charming mobile, made from a branch and white paper snowflakes.
A handmade snowfall!
Find the craft's details and more dreamy, beautiful pictures on pages 85 - 92 of Gifted magazine following the link above or by simply clicking here.

~ Jutta, a sweet flickr contact, is a freelance graphic designer & illustrator from Finland. She owns a home I adore, which she and her husband are renovating bit to bit with lots of care and love.
You can find out more about their little adventures on her lovely blog.
 She writes with the assistance of..... Muru, one of her cute dogs...who is btw waiting for us on the entrance saying hello. I'm sure he'd love to hear from us!
So how about hoping there?
At the same time, you can also visit Jutta's shop with her pretty illustrations and cards.
Where? here :)

Now look above at her bedroom with the "Handmade snowfall moblile" and below at our living room...
Don't they make a pretty nice match eventhough they belong to different homes?
That's me...always liking to find corellations between things...and people!

Anayway, I hope that you are provided with some inspiration for the day!
I'll have to leave these pages and you for now, promising to be back soon with more.
Remember that it's always lovely to be finding you here.
So if you stop by, do say hello and share some love in the comments section!

warmest of wishes
Ivy ~ xx


  1. Hi, thank you so much for your kind words and introduction to my blog! :)

  2. Very welcome Jutta :)
    All my pleasure...your home and simple creations are just wonderful!