~ welcoming change...

....lovely all hello :)
Happy Teusday! Has your weekend been a nice one and your week begun in a beaufitul way?
I do hope so and so is the case here.
There has been time for relaxation, meeting with friends, having all the orders of cards picked up, working for our shop, producing new products, and finally begining a reconstruction of the online Etsy shop. (Apologies for any inconveniences!)
These days we are welcoming change

And to do that, I begun with having one of our favorite recent images printed , framed and adjusted on our wishes corner wall. You can see it above, while it was modeling for me in order to find a place on the shelves of our shop as well.

"Warm lanterns in the snow"  (spelling out "welcome") is already listed and available as:
~ a print of 5x5 or 8x8 
~ a set of six postcards in a very affordable price.
Hop here to check it out!

Is it only me that I find them adorable, so positive and oh so pretty?
It could be the case, as I'm both their mother and their godmother as well. So, signs of subjectivity may be possible, I guess ; ) 

Now, let's revise a bit what has been taking place on these pages since the last few days. 
There have been two give aways hosted here:

A "make a wish give away" hosted by our own shop "newivystyle"
which you may be enterring until this Friday 10.12.2010

and a "Christmas in Paris" give away, a generous offer from my friend's Anne shop, "magalerie"
which you may be enterring until this Sunday 12.12.2010

Thank you so much for your love and support by enterring them both!
And thank you Nadine for directing so many people with your kind recommendation here!
It makes me happy to be offering you a present from our own shop and giving you the chance to win some of the prints  from another shop I  so much adore.

Talking  about Anne's shop, my order has arrived just this Friday (with a little bit of extra surprise inside - thank you so much my dear Anne!)
and it is getting packed along with a couple of other things to find its way to Greece.
Wanna see?

My mother will be absolutely happy to receive them, as she has a thing for plates.
This is her favorite "Unicef" plate collection which I remember her building step by step, since I was just a little girl...

My thoughts are that having Anne's collection of Frech saucers and cups in blue and strawberry red framed in simple white, Ikea frames (like the ones pictured on top of the post), will be just right to bind together modern with classical, romantic notes. Are you following me?

And as now my thoughts are that there's a whole lot of gift packaging, card writing and online shop reconstruction to be doing these days, I'd  better go and meet with these elves!
...hope they have some time to help over here as well...you know how terribly busy they generally are these days!

Wishing  you to be finding true internal peace, happiness and joy these days...

Love always,
Ivy  ~ xx


  1. wonderful as always Ivy :)
    I like your ideas :) and visiting you here at blog always make me smile and gave me positive energy :)
    thanks you :)

  2. Thank you so much my dear Barb ~

    If these lines can bring a smile on your face and some positive energy, then this is a fabulous thing!

    So sweet of you to come here and share that :)
    Hope you are doing fine and spending nice days.