~ welcoming....

Good morning and happy Friday!....the first in December....I was wondering....what are you really welcoming in your life these days?...what are you letting go?...or what do you wish to let go?
...what do you wish to welcome in the new Year?
...are you the kind of person that makes plans?
...or are you perhaps taking one day at a time?
....do you trust and rely on your intuition?
 .... if yes, how do you combine such an approach with practical issues?

If you'd like to have a look at some aspects that I wish to be present in my life you can hop here and read the picture's discription.

I'll leave you with these thoughts until later tonight when I'll come back,
...all things well first of all, as our Internet connection has been having hick ups(!) all morning....

wishing you to have lovely days...

Ivy ~ xx


  1. Geia sou Iro!
    The only thing I wish for the new year is to stop being that grumpy and be more grateful about the good things in life instead (those we tend to take for granted). Thanks for the beautiful thoughts, love your blog!
    xo, Eleni of My Paradissi

  2. Geia sou Eleni!
    Thank you for passing by and sharing your thoughts here. That sounds like a pretty good plan...much goodness can be actually brought just by adupting this attitude of gratefullness.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend and Holiday season :)

  3. Lovely thought-provoking words, my dear Ivy. I find this time of year is one of introversion. I enjoy reflecting on the highs and lows of the year and I like to remember people (and animals) who are no longer here. It kind of tidies things up in my mind before the next year begins. It will be an extra special one for us ... my daughter will be 4, my wonderful husband will be 40 and I will be 44 ... that's a lot of 4's!!! I think it is very auspicious.
    I adore stopping by to read your blog now and then - I find it relaxing and inspiring and very, very pretty.
    Lots of love,

  4. This is such a magic picture Ivy, perfect to celebrate December! Talking about the new Year I wish to welcome nice moments with special persons, beautiful things to see and all the good surprises a New Year can bring. As you know I'm not at all the kind of person that makes plans, I just trust my intuition. And if there's a practical issue, well, I tend not to relate that to my decision to follow my intuition :)