Comforting light

...when we feel that things are hard, what do we usually do?
We seek for comfort, right?

And sometimes it seems comforting to run away and seek for shelter.
Like running into mummy's or daddy's arms when we were children.

Only that it simply doesn't work this way when we are adults.
So I guess lots of us, create our own comfort zones, to which we run instead, when we wish to feel safe, relaxed, loved, peaceful.

I was wondering, what do you do in similar life situations?
What brings you comfort?
How do you deal with the child inside you?

I believe that my primary adult sanctuary is...light, abstract as it may sound.
It's the reason why I adore the current place I' m living in.
The reason why I love Greece, the country of light, where I originate from.
The reason why I'm passionate about architecture and photography, 
as their good functioning depends so much on light.
The reason why I love white.

I'm sure that many of you must be wondering why have things become so hard for me recently and why has there been so much difficulty to return to things I loved.

I trust that when there is a good basis for communication established again, my thoughts will be shared.

But what is more important right now, is that no more time is consumed by staying away from posting, sharing and generally being openely involved with my passions, just because
I do not actually know where to start from.

And eventhough I'm fully aware that this could be "harming" my whichever public image had been formed and that I could have been planning my posts instead and appear stronger,
clearer and more determined than I actually am,
it would be wrong,
simply cause it would not be the truth.

So, uncertain as I might be feeling, probably a little lost, too,
wondering how years have passed
and how did I ever end up here,

here I am

and I hope that you' ll also be feeling honoured that you are respected enough for truth to be shared with you. Consider my absence not as lack of care for all of you who have been taking the time to read, comment and become readers, but as a sign, that I chose to say more by not speaking for some time.

A picture might equal a thousand words,
but also silence is golden
and there was no way that words could fit in this little online journal.

Furthermore, the only way to actually realise whether we like something or not, 
and how much, 
is perhaps by being deprived of it.

I know that, accidentally through blogging, I have discovered a part of myself I never even thought I had.
I discoverd that I love to write and share my feellings, point of views and thoughts,
as much as I love to create beautiful interiors, decoration and photography and talk about these subjects, too.

And I must say, that indeed through writing similar lines and sharing the world through my eyes,
I' ve met a lot of wonderful people I would have otherwise not.

So before closing this post, (knowing me I could be writing for ever!) I'd like so much to thank all those who have cared throughout my absence and have dropped a mail or two in my electronic and/or actual mailbox.
In time, I'll refer to you all and thank you properly.

In time, a desired and appropriate rythm will be developed and established in posting here.
Simply, organically but with effort and devotion, too.
And I'm happy to have freed myself from the need for perfection and have come to share here despite not being perfectly ready for it.

I've read a million times that doing is loving.
How incredibly right and true is that!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

P.S. the lovely "Keep calm & carry on" print that is pictured together with my favorite vintage wallpaper is bought a Anne's fabulous etsy shop magalerie


  1. Hallo Iro,
    nice to read a new Post from you. I have misses you!
    Have a beautiful weekend

  2. Hello there =)

    How nice to read your written word again.


  3. Karin, so good to "hear" from you!
    Thank you so much for the welcoming visit. Have a great weekend yourself :) xx

    Holly sweetie, goodmorning =)
    Thank you for the support into actually putting words on this "virtual piece of paper" again.


  4. We surely did miss you...
    ...and we are indeed honoured by this soul-sharing of yours!

    Wishing you all the strength in the world to keep up being genuine!

  5. Hello Mariana,

    so nice to hear from you! You are wonderful to come and leave such a comment.
    So long as we remember that difficulties can contribute in making us stronger & wiser, (non-aggressive)strength will be coming our ways.

    Have a great weekend there!
    Iro {Ivy}