...among champagne, colours & cool places

7 good things for the weekend

1~ some minty fresh air from my pinterest...thank you ladies Anastasia & Ez
2~ some tranquil blues and earthy beiges in my latest curated etsy treasury
3~ insight and thoughts I found reasonating with mine here {Cristina you are amazing!}
4~ ideas for corners and displays in one of my ever favorite Dutch homes by one of the most sympathic bloggers and brilliant interior designers {Desire rocks!}
5~ great interior (and not only) ideas here, often posted by a new friend in my -actual- life :)
6~ asseccories and photography to die for by a quickly emerging Greek designer, who happens to be my first cousin {I could burst from admiration and pride!}
7~ sweet, refreshing & funky music by Fool for Champagne

Have a great one!


  1. Thanks for the mention =)

    And thanks for providing lovely, wonderful things to kick off the weekend 'Ivy Style'