Style Stories: rock my world!...gently, please!

Goodmorning :) 
I hope you've all had joyful weekends!
Mine could have used a little bit of more sunshine around, but I'd rather not complain.
I hope you did and enjoyed as much as I did!

Speaking about colours, you must know by now how much I love a natural pallete, greys,
tranquil blues combined with earthy beiges & pastels, too.

Since about a week know, I' ve been undusting the shelves of my etsy shop....
and boy! has there been lots of dust to take care of!
As you may understand, doing such a job is not exactly my happiest routine, 
eventhough I'm always pleased with the outcome.
So what do I do to cope with this? 
I engage in small "games" in the vastness of etsy world,
called Etsy treasuries,
in order to make the ride more pleasant and worthwhile.

I take my detective glasses and set out to discover beautiful items for homes and our lives.
Modern and vintage items for home decor, utility objects,
incredibly pretty and affordable fine art photography prints,
clothes and acessories
and then...
have them arranged together so that they make up a unique sum
of what is usually 16 objects.

It's something like a mood board, cause all of the items featured each time
could be part of a room, a home & a person living in it.
It's like making a Style story.

For example, chek out this treasury recently put together under the name
"Rock my world...gently please!"

I can picture clearly a woman dressed in her 50's dress
wearing such glasses when she wants to read,
under the light of this industrial chandelier,
dressing her little daughter in a grey dress like this,
{which is actually mummy's blouse}
who helps her in the kitchen using these scoops from natural wood,
takes her notes in "ruler notebooks"
while she speaks on such a phone, 
serves her girlfriends tea from such a teapot,
decorates her home with prints and photographs like 
and sits her guests in a garden with such chairs.
Oh!..and reminds herself of life's qualities 
by displaying such words 
to match with her repurposed

Wishing you lots of fun visiting the links!
In the meantime, I'll have to set off for a busy day and return here in the evening.
Have a great day.


  1. this is so cute !! I love that first picture.. did you see it in some etsy shop? I really like them (in my home}
    x desiree

  2. Hi dear :)

    They'd look great in your home indeed! Actually you were in my mind when discovering these beauties with industrial touch and making this write up.

    Both the chandelier and the vintage school laboratory burner (repurposed bud vase or pencil holder) are from etsy shops.
    Take a look:
    Chandelier ~>
    Laboratory equipment ~>

    ...and a fabulous day to you! xoxo

  3. What a sweet story. Love it.