~ all excited :)

 ~ good morning  & a happy weekend!

...yesterday has been quite an exciting day eventhough it was mainly spent at home and working in front of the screen[s]...today will be different as there are plans in visiting Mainz University's Botanic garden in the early afternoon. Taking into consideration the sunshiny, pleasantly warm weather, it should be lovely to wander around flowers in good company. Looking forward.

In the meantime, laundry is being washed, my wooden Habitat ironing board is smiling at me and so are at least a dozin of shirts...am currently pretending not to see them and stealing some time by taking a minute to see what's up here. By logging into flickr, I stumpled up on {this more than a-do-ra-ble whale}! And then I thought  I bring her here to goodmorning you instead, as you might as well be bored of always finding me here ; )

Isn't she a darling? She belongs to the incredible collection of hugely talented Mr Dolan Geiman. His art is available {here} among other places, you can get linked to him via {here} and visit his website {here}

...have been rambling all about the whale and other things and forgot to mention the reason why yesterday was an exciting day...but I won't keep you in agony...I'll share right now, while you are taking a look at this list below ;)

 Positive affirmations ~, the collection of sixteen pretty things curated by me yesterday afternoon, found its way in Etsy's Front Page very, very soon after it was launched. And this time I was in place & connected to see it and feel the rush as it was taking place. And I must say, being at the FP as a curator is a quite exciting thing, very honourable as well, taken into consideration the amount of treasuries curated daily. At the moment there are about 600.000....just about 100.000 more than half a million....wow.

It's the second time a treasury I curate find its way there. Considering my long winter absence and generally rather small amount of treasuries made, I feel very honoured that  my taste and way I put things together is appreciated. Thank you all out there!

If  you 'd like to take a look at the other treauries put together by me, you can do so {here}
And if you'd like to see some of the treasuries where our shop's things are featured, you may do so {here}.

Whatever you do, I'm wishing you to have a really nice Saturday and weekend ahead!

...as for here, the washing maschine just finished doing its job ~
I'll take it on from there ~
...time to hung the clothes
...in fact perfect timing cause this post also found its way to the end ; )

P.S: whale credit ~> here


  1. kalimera! welldone, iro mou! love your treasuries! hope to see you next week and take a long walk in the sun! lots of love!

  2. Very sweet Whale! And absolutely gorgeous treasury!! Congrats on the FP feature =)

    Have a lovely weekend too

  3. Thanks so much for sharing our whale with your readers. And that's quite a lovely Treasury; definite front page material! Happy Saturday.