~ the {unexpected} glory of 0.99 cents

...to all the mothers of the world:

Happy Mother's Day!

...being at an age when my biological clock is ticking like crazy,
the decision whether I actually will become a mother has not yet taken place.

Still, I love children and appreciate deeply the hard job that Motherhood brings.
Wishing to all  mothers and mothers to be:
 ~ lots of courage 
~ strength along the way!

Your Job is incomparably important!

As for me, being not able to actually offer my mother flowers,
 {since we live a few thousand kilometers away}
these flowers, their arrangement, photo session
& eventual pictures are all devoted to her.
Happy Mother's Day mummy!
Thank's so much for all you've been doing for me!
{see you sometime soon ;)}

The picture above is a random shot off our dining table as it was this morning.
The first & the second pictures are styled using a repurposed wooden crater, 
which originally held a kilo of delicious strawberries.
The strawberries are gone - the crater stayed ; )

It is used as a mini tray and it carries from bread & croissants,
to cups, glasses & small plates,
or even freshly washed laundry, waiting their way in the closet.

Finally, bottles and jars, which once carried milk and marmelade, 
 are repurposed & reused as vases.

The whole setting's price is...0.99 cents [!], as much as the flowers 
had cost, when found yesterday evening at the local supermarket.

So, repurpose, reuse, decorate, be creative and be merry!

Have a spledind Sunday everyone!


  1. gorgeous chica ... love the tones! the time will come for you also, happy mothers day. xx

  2. Ivy, I consider Mother's day for every care giver irrespective of whether its your child, a friend, someone in need.......you definitely are one sweet care giver and I want to wish you a happy mother's day to you dear!

  3. so fantastic, very elegant and lovely... Love all compositions..
    Happy sunday.