~ discretely romantic

good afternoon everyone!
how has your Thursday been?

pretty nice one here...
 with mood much related to the mood board I'm bringing to you today...

as I'm training myself in styling, I'm also finding out each time little bits
about the different expressions my personal style can take...

it's no secret I tend to minimalism, clear lines, white canvases to work my ideas on,
natural materials & colours, a little bit of industrial at times, but overall I'd say rather an eclectic mix,
giving a sense of relaxed luxury, without necessarily meaning huge amounts of money to invest.

while {pinning} today, images like the ones put together in the collage above kept on capturing my attention...
it seems I love me lately a bit or romance, in my life..
actually in my interiors,
so long as it doesn't mean an explosion of flowers, patterns and things pink.

the pictures gathered here today carry exactly the dosis of romance that I like,
which comes to my mind as:

"discretely romantic"

mostly simple, white spaces, overall simple lines,
and a touch of feminism & sweetness brought by
relaxed shades of pink & peach,
and perhaps a gracefully handmade spread for the bed....

just enough I'd say....
{the bedroom} (sorry I cannot link you any better than that) below is a space I really like
and based on it, I made the mood board you saw first when coming here today...

I thought it's a nice way to welcome you here, or... what do you think?

as far as I' m concerned, I'd replace the paper lantern seen below...
(don't get me wrong, not that I don't like it,
but there's just something matching my taste far better,
still also like it quite as it is below)

with {this} fabulous pendant light,
as I particularly like the contrast between the romantic tone of the bed spread
and the super modern look of this showflake like lamp.
do you notice perhaps that they bind nice together cause of their common shapes?

then, I'd add {this couch} in a corner of the bedroom,
should the size allow for this...
I love again the pastel colours, especially the combination of mouse grey, calm peachy pink,
waken up by the touches of light green,
and last but lot least,
loving its elegant & classic form, yet so simple

of course, tea is to be served in such a bedroom on weekends of sleeping in...
and {this} tea pot, looking like it jumped straight out of a fairy tale seems like a lot of fun
with its chalky apricot & pink tones....

how about the laundry in case it needed to be hang there?
wouldn't something like {that}
add an extra everyday charm to it?

and should that bedroom needed to be left for any reason decent,
then it would be nice to be so in order to 
 find yourself at a {wedding reception}
where the decor is made from the simplest of materials,
like the garland made form scraps of paper and the little sucullents
taking the place of a cake...
wouldn't that be wonderful?

"discretely romantic perfetion" 

...I might as well say ~

to end this post a little bit of me...
as I kinda like lately adding my personal touch even when presenting styling work of others,

a blurry picture which Angelika made ,
during one of our meetings while visiting Greece recently...
this girl is an amazing photographer,
and I'm going to talk about her soon here, you'll see....
you'll love her just as much..

about the outfit, 
combining chakis that are almost olive green with anything dusty or peachy pink is something I like a lot,
at least the little bohem in me does so....

hope you have enjoyed this post, as the more I get involved, the more enamoured I become with everything,
in terms of styling, photographing, writing, posting, connecting, communicating...

what a bright world before my eyes...
just as bright as before yours I hope!
...you forgot to put on your pink glasses today?
now dears...that wouldn't be a smart choice, would it? ; )

more inspiration soon 
 some lovely news about the shop 

C U  sometime soon ~


  1. I spied you were 'pinning' all these lovelies lately, then just saw your beautiful collage on Flickr... and such a wonderfully inspiring blogpost to go with it! I love the 'discreet romance' with these colours and this styling... it feels almost effortless... something Holly (decor8) was talking about recently too.
    Very beautiful my dear... :)
    Hope you're having a lovely day,
    Emma, x

    ps - furry hugs from my wee man, who is still feeling a wee bit poorly today... :(

  2. I also spied these popping up on Pinterest...so very pretty and romantic without being too girly :)

  3. Beautiful Ivy !
    I love everything in your composition.
    The minimalism, the pastel colors, the couch, the chandelier... ;)
    It looks like a dream summer house to me. You've managed to create a very relaxing atmosphere. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Dear Iro, the mailman delivered my lovely garland today! So cuty cute, I love it! I've already left feedback on etsy. Thank you for the beautiful garland and the extra prints!

  5. Well I definitely have to follow you on Pinterest!

  6. Thank you all lovely of ladies for the response on this post. So very glad you enjoyed it!
    Hope you have all spent beautiful weekends and a that a great & creative new week soon begins.
    C u around :) xo

  7. Beautiful how you turn a lovely place into your own with your magic :-)