~ wise owls aim at peace, dont' they?

 how much truth and wisdom can a humourous vintage sign carry?

being deeply affected by the news about Greece, where you must all know that I originate from,
I felt the need to calm down my feelings of frustration that easily got evoked,
by making a treasury devoted to Peace, Tranquility & actually getting in touch with ourselves.

why do I say that?
well because this world would be a much better place, if those who judged were equally ready to be judged themselves.
Selten is the case though I'm afraid...
and in most "friendly" relationships all is well until someone raises a voice...

our societies suffer from our huge egos and in those I include mine too,
with which I've been trying since quite a few years to come into terms,
understand, realise, embrace, guide & direct towards beneficial ways.

Anyways my dears, despite the uneasy conditions, I think that this is a pleasant collection, don't you?
I hope that you are inspired with a colour palette for your homes, in fresh tones of aqua,
turquoise, sea foam greens, mints & greys especially now that summer is right at our doors.

The direct link to this collecction is {here}, from where you can visit each item and its respective shop.

This colour mood being set, I think it is a great opportunity to bring here to you just a couple of the pictures from this weekend.

Not pictures from the {bloggers event} as I promised earlier - at least not yet ;) - but pictures from a wonderful afternoon in one of the most adorable apartments I've ever been to, 
belonging to the creative mind behind
{IDA lifestyle}, who is also a freelance interiors photographer and columnist for {Casa Facile}.

Ilaria lives there with her husband Alberto and on Sunday afternoon my partner and I visited them in Eindhoven on our ways back from Amsterdam to Frankfurt, for what was a lovely, easy going afternoon,
with ice cream eating, talking, laughing and lots of inspiration!

the guys had their own discussions & I think they liked each other much,
as for Ilaria and myself, we dived into magazines & crafting projects!

come, have a visit with us, you are invited!

First a little introduction....

and below a better look at each individual one

I felt so tranquil & happy...can you detect that?

to take more refreshing dives into Ilaria's home, jump over {here}
to follow her lovely {blog, here} & to visit her colourful etsy shop, filled with her handmade crochet treasures, hope {here}

have fun!..am calling it a night...
c u soon somewhere around the corners of this online home of mine
where you are always happily invited :)


  1. Oh, my dear Iro!! This post is simply lovely, the collage, the colors..and your unique words..thank you so much, hope to give you a lot of hugs very soon!

  2. What a lovely meet up girls! Both having a lovely time and yummy ice cream I see!!! :-)

  3. That is such a beautiful collection :)