~ breakfasts, bloggers events & urban life in Amsterdam

I simply love them...
perhaps cause I still remember the smell of toasted sliced bread
my mother used to prepare in my school days
and the fresh butter melting on it, ready to receive a coat of homemade jam:
strawberry, apricot, orange, chestnut or whatever the season brought,
much like this one {here}

isn't it a wonderful treat and an affordable everyday luxury
to be having home made marmelade our our tables?

are you ones of those eager & talented ones that do so?
One day I hope I will...
for the time being I'm enjoying this each time I visit {Apart 44} in Greece.

Speaking of breakfasts and after this travel rather far back in time,
the pictures above are taken in {Village bagels}
an espresso cafe in Amsterdam,
located at a corner of the Princengracht, 
where I spent my Sunday morning eating delicious chocolate brownies
and raisin cookies (seen in my tray),
drinking chai latte mit soya milk (not seen above),
reading {101 woonideen}, (part of the goodie bag we received at the blogger's event)
watching people, dogs, bicycles, trams & cars passing by...
and snapping some shots of them...
with my partner next to me...
I love simple morning like this...

but then this sunshiny Sunday morning was a little different than others, 
not only because it was spent visiting another city,
but mostly because of the feelings prevailing after having attended the 
there was so much good energy, positivism & enthusiasm all over that it was (& actually still is)
colouring my days brighter
As the time passes and having started early this year, I'm meeting more and more people in actual life,  
with whom we originally met online,
mainly through our blogs & flickr accounts.

And I have to say, I haven't been disappointed once...
on the contrary, I'm often very positively surprised :)

Where you at the {event} yourself?...have you perhaps written a post about it?
I'd love to find out more about you, so please do link your blogs here!

Some pictures of the event where I also appear can be seen  {here},
and then you can read more about the event {here}{here} {there}!

I'll come back later posting some pictures of the event myself

till then,
enjoy your day!


  1. Toast with butter and jam...mmmm!! Doesn't sound very Greek to me though ;) It's what I, as an upstanding Brit, have for breakfast every morning... how I miss proper marmalade!!

  2. Nice post! I love taking breakfast...slowly and relaxed. The photos are great and thank you for the suggestion of the café in Amsterdam. In my next time there I wont miss it ;)