Sacred ~ Life ~

Sacred ~ the title of {the photo} above....

 it inspired my whole morning, which found me in a rather quiet mood....
 are you this way sometimes, too?

after {the excitment and fun of the weekend}, meeting & spending time with new people, strolling around Amsterdam {for the 4rth or 5th time in 3 years},
its canals, streets, cafes & parks...

all I want to do is be quiet,
engage in creativity sessions,
preferably away from the screen,
take care of our living space which has been rather a little neglected,
do household jobs
redecorate or simply just refresh our home...

this will be the case after this post is prepared, posted & communicated on line...

a mix of doing jobs, relaxing with {my new favorite book}, creativity & coming in touch with my self ...

in this mood, I prepared a new collection of 16 items for your home,
all found on the shelves of Etsy

{here} you may visit each of the shop directly...

spontaneous as I like to come here and write,
I'm leaving pictures of my weekend in Amsterdam for later...

and instead am sharing here a few thougths, accompaning the etsy treasury above:

some things just are sacred ~
no questions asked ~
not many words said ~
artists at work must be experiencing sacred moments, too ~
so long as the driving force into creating is Love, 
there'll always be sacred moments involved ~

what are your thoughts? would you like to share some? you are so welcome to do so!...

and then as I was checking the updates of my {FB page},
I stumpled up on these marvelous {port-manteaux}, 
only to fall in love with them
start visualising them in my new future home...
I'd actually like to make them on my own,
both for economy reasons and for the fun & creative satisfaction of it...

Before I go, I've chosen a print from the collecction above that I really adore,
as it represents beautiful memories of a very {dear friend} of mine,
who loves Italy & its architecture as much as I do...

 and then I thought how wonderful these two pictures above and below would look together framed on a wall:
{ancient love} from my friend's shop & {frozen music} from my own shop


"Frozen music" has been photographed on the top of Milan's cathedral,
visited during Christmas vacations with my parther, 
who actually took the photo

this print can be also found in a collection of four pictures,
all in calm shades of {beige & naturals}
which are currently on SALE

I hope you to pay a visit to all the shops linked here
as a decoration tip for today, I'd suggest you to combine these last two pictures for your walls,
they'd look marvelous together!

want to add them in your entrance and fix these wooden {port-manteaux underneath}?
you are going miles in style ahead ~

last but not least at all, are you perhaps speaking French?
then jump on {this marvelous blog} from Marie Claire maison circle
and indulge yourselves in great images...

even if French is not your language,
the pictures are enough to keep you great company and inspire you!

wishing you a wonderful Tuesday ahead
c u soon dear all!