~ breakfast stories

what a wonderful triad today, don't you think?
a new day + a new week + a new month 
new beginnings x 3!

 have you had breakfast today?
 and if yes, what did it consist off? 

you can see what ours included in the picture above

as I was driven by the extra symbolic significance of today's morning,
I made some pictures of our breakfast table to share here with you...

 we absolutely love having breakfasts & dining on our table
now that it is temporarily placed in front of our {big window}
instead of opposite the {reading area} & close to {the kitchen}

we are literally bathed in light & enjoy a little sense of luxury,
rolled out like a piece of art,
 rather than adjusted to the wall.

 Besides, such a valuable piece would never be left in a rented place
and then, 
 it does bring a sense of lightness & informality to let the walls "wear" it this way...

I {love breakfasts}... I love mornings...
and cannot imagine of any other way of begining a day,
 than with a good breakfast on a simply nice set table,
listening to favorite music & reading the news,
  just a little before logging in to all possible {social media accounts}; )

in favor of simplicity, I strongly stand for the view that beautifully styled spaces
do not depend on money, but on making the right choices.

everything on our table {+ the table itself} are among the most affordable pieces from Ikea

what about you?
what are your views on the matter?

would you hire an interior consultant to bring your space together,
while organising your home & showing you how to maintain 
a beautiful, practical home without spending a fortune?

and because quite probably most of you are capable yourselves alone of something like that,
 would you recommend to a relative or friend of yours to hire someone
 in case there was need?


looking forward to hearing your opinion!

wishing you a wonderful beginning in the new week + month
thanking all of you who have already joined the {blog's celebration & give away}!

for those not yet aware <~ come over {here!}

enjoy the day & see you right here very soon!


  1. how do you manage to take such beautiful photographs!? feel like i am right there enjoying breakfast with you!
    have a wonderful day

  2. Ein leckeres Frühstück an einem wunderschönen und sonnigen Platz! Ich muss dich wirklich unbedingt besuchen und mit dir gemeinsam frühstücken :).

    Ich mag Frühstück! Heute hatte ich Brote mit selbst gemachten Marmeladen von meiner Mama und Schwiegermama und ganz viel grünen Tee :).

    Hab einen wunderbaren Abend, Nadine

  3. "a new day + a new week + a new month
    new beginnings x 3!"

    I love your positive thinking!!

    Usually I don't like Monday...
    I need to go back to work, and I will have 5 days to work....

    But now I have a positive perspective on Monday, I will be happier on Monday.

    Thank you so much!!

  4. Hanlie :)

    every one of your comments shared here are a big smile from you! Thank you so much for being part of this blog. I love your presence here!

    Nadine meine liebe,

    bald werden wir uns sehen und zusammen hier frühstücken!
    Selbst gemachte Marmelade ist lecker! Ich vermisse meine Mama jetzt... ahhh Leben... schoen aber schwer manche Mal
    Kuesse die Kinder von mir :) xo

    Hello Hee,

    if a little post can make you be happier on a Monday, then this is worth so much!
    I hope that all your days will be that way. Thank you for passing by this place, it's been lovely reading your thoughts.

    Kind regards,