~ some days in Malta...

 it is in difficult times that one understands what matters, right?
  this is a tiny post to welcome you all in the new week, despite having caught a cold so nasty as it hasn't been  in a very long, long time & reveal the reason there were no posts or news updates during the past few days.

him & I spent a few days on the island of Malta, a destination we have grown to very much like since our first visit there last winter.

you can imagine that spending time working on our pictures & talking for hours here about our trip
is something I so wish I could do at the moment,
but anything than a short period in front of the screen tires me
 due to fever.

I still wanted to pass by here and say hello,
while sharing a few SOOC (straight out of the camera) pictures - except from slight cropping & a little processing in the last two,
 my partner made of me,
as we both enjoy our roles behind & in front of the cameras... 

 our days were spent strolling in the charming streets of Valletta, the capital of the country,
driving - on the left side! - along the coast line,
promenading along the sea in Sliema, where we were accommodated,
photographing doors, details, me posing in front of doors...
eating delicious food,
such as mouthwatering pastizzis,
which cost between 30 & 50 cents per piece, no matter where you are

... visiting the beautiful cities of Mdina & Rabat,
taking a ferry to the amazing tiny island of Gozo
and not to forget, among others, me catching a cold,
(thank God only on Saturday, just a day before our return)
to bring as a souvenir,
together with memories of good times
pictures of undeniably charming places.
oh well my dears...

I hope to be well soon, being able to enjoy my work & posting here
from me, best of wishes for one more wonderful, creative week,
bringing you just a little bit closer to all you love!


P.S: here are some captions to illustrate the pictures, from top to bottom:

1. yesterday, in low fever (if only I knew what is to come!)
2. walking up to Valletta, this building always captures my attention
3. Thusrday morning, after our first evening on the island, the capital is our favorite place to visit
4. Friday, probably our best day of all the trip, at Mdina & Rabat
5. pastizzis!


  1. Looks lovely - hope you´ll get better! :-)

  2. Get well soon, Iro. My secret weapon against a cold is "Aspirin Complex".
    It totally clears your head, takes away the fever, the pain and the "stuffyness" of the nose.

    Best wishes,

  3. Wonderful pictures and I whish you a great time - we spent our holiday on malta many years ago, it's a great place to be. We visited also Valetta, I love the old Buses with the antique bell in the front of the bus driver.
    In the sommer we were skin diving at golden bay, it's just wonderful to be there. Enjoy !!!! Lovely, Bianca

  4. I am so loving the doors! Love pictures of the doors and you with the doors. All great stuff ;) Happy you had a nice time in Malta - Get well soon, Iro xoxox

  5. I have been following your blog for some time. Your last post was a pleasant surprise cause I am from Malta, though at the moment living in spain. It is always nice to see how other people capture and experience my little island. As for the cold, I always get one when I visit in winter. Guess i'm no longer used to such high levels of humidity. Get well soon.

  6. You have always these beatiful photos to share. It's so inspiring to read your blog :)

  7. your photographs are just delightful. they make me smile.

  8. iro your photos are lovely. i see you two had a great time. get well soon.

  9. Love Malta. I got married there and so it holds lots of great memories.

  10. Still not thanked you for your wonderful comments here? Thank you so much! Happy you enjoyed this little virtual trip there :)