Spring blossoms , hellos & give away winners ~

Hello there & happy Friday! Skipping everything else for the time being, let's talk about give away winners
shall we?

You must have patiently been expecting to find out, so here is how the story goes:

~> random order generators are not my kinda thing &

~> this time preparing 62 papers with numbers in order to pick one, is something that simply didn't fit in this week's schedule.

So before this procedure took forever, I took the easy way, which went somehow like that:

me: hey you... would you do me favor please?
J {him}: no

silence for a while...
J: so what... now? {imagine here how often I'm asking for favors for this reply to be coming my way ;)}

me: can you pick a number from 1 to 62 please?
J: again? 
me: yes

J: 33
me: oh great, everyone will think it is faked cause my connection with this number is rather known to be special... {while I was still rambling more... a next answer came out}

J: 27
me: mmm, thanks, it's a little complicated now, which of your two replies should I choose?

Well, here is what I came up with:

27 + 33 = 60
6 + 0 = 6

So the winning number is the 6th entry.

Congratulations Claudia from Chelsea Lane, you are the winner my dear!

Many kind thanks to everyone who participated and see you here soon ,
as I'll be blogging along this weekend,
in order to post all that was intented for this week.

So, from me, for now, I hope you are enjoying a great Friday!



  1. Ha! I love how you came up with an entry winner! Love the photo of the blossoms.

  2. What a super funny drawing! Congrats to the winner and cheers to you Iro from Stockholm!