Studio & shop update

Hello there lovely people!

 I'm here, well, and have been quietly busy working in the studio,
since I returned from my two week trip in Greece,
just in time to enjoy a wonderful 1st of May spent pic nicking by the lakes close to our home.

Spring here is wonderful & I seem to be returning to routines I had tremendously missed,
such as spending quiet time with myself, taking care of the house & its domestic chores,
doing everyday even a little tiny thing in order to settle us in.

The precious help of our hand worker is resulting in pretty finishes all around,
and this place is forming into a beloved home, despite all things still undone and unfinished.

The studio corner is finally set up and almost completely organised.
I'll devote a whole post in detailed pictures any time soon.

The shop is also looking good and currently serving elegant cups of comfort.
 I would truly love to see you there!

For now, just a few pictures to share & connect with you: 

I hope your days are wonderful in meaningful to you ways.

Love, always.

All images of this post are styled & shot by me. Thank you for sharing/ linking / pinning with love & care.


  1. Hello Iro and welcome back. I really like your astetic and white and neutrals color palette that you choose when decorateing. You are doing great job really.
    I am a bit stuck decorateing our house...lost my inspiration :). And with two boys around our walls looks like we live hire since old days, but actualy is two years now :).

    1. Hello there :)

      Thank you for the warm welcoming and the super kind words. I can imagine what you mean about your walls, despite not having children around here.
      Wishing you inspiration and appetite for refreshment to come soon to you and your home. Perhaps your two little boys can give you a helping hand ;)

  2. Simply too gorgeous for words! Love your work! x

    1. thank you so much! what a wondeful thing to say :)

  3. It is lookig promising I just opened my reader to finally catch up a bit with the blogs and you are the second one and talking about your new home as well... looks good... I missed the shop thing??
    x desiree

    1. Hello dear tough lady ;)

      thank you for passing by. "Promising" sounds good :)

      The shop reference is for the usual on line place you already know and have yourself visited. I would like it to keep me busy, now that the actual studio corner is organised and functioning.

      warm regards,
      xo Iro

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  6. Oh HELLO dear Iro! How lovely to see you and those lovely corners of your home. The images are so calm and sure. Reflective of your mood maybe?

    Best wishes for you and your shop xoxoxoxo

    1. This one of the nicest on line "hello's" ever! Thank you so much for the welcome and the nice wishes my friend :)

      I forgot to mention under your previous comment in the latest post about the light in the photos, that in fact this place is Spring is bathed in wonderful light throughout the whole day, depending on where you are.
      It is a real pleasure being here throughout a whole day. As if I needed excuses to be a home sitter ;)

      Soon the city in calling me though and we'll arrange a coffee meet up, yes? Of course, yes :) xx