birth, renewal, hope and... life's simple manners ~

 Currently being on a recreational & business trip,
  this post will (attempt to ahem ahem) be relatively minimal in words than usual...

Believing that you are truly wonderful readers in so many ways, 
I wish to share here only but a few pictures, which have been coloring my mood these days.

Enjoying posting and sharing here on this on line journal
is one part of my reality.
The other part is enjoying such (rather rarely recently found in our modern societies)
 moments of total privacy & peacefulness,
 where life is experienced in a simple manner,
away from social media or simply selectively participating in them.

It's a combined way of living which seems appropriate and is personally being appreciated more & more.

Taking these somehow contradictory factors into consideration,
 I still believe that posting in a simple manner can take place,
discretely leaving some traces of the messages wished to be communicated,
or simply images to share.

I like to file these posts as inspirational and spontaneous,
often giving them the label "life of awareness"...

It's the one face, side of this blog,
while the other, practical one is connected to
my professional side.

A next post on this spectrum will soon take place, too.
Till then,  I hope the pictures shared here today to be capable of evoking
other than visual stimulation,
feelings, thoughts, emotions, visions...

... and somewhere here among tiny pink blossoms blooming on trees by the sea
and recent adored moments in my creative studio
I'll be leaving you until a next post....

Once more, so many warmhearted thanks for your constant, precious contribution
in this blog, by reading & taking some time to comment.

It brings these on line pages to life like nothing else...

Thank you dear all!
take care 
 see you soon ~

Image credit: Iro Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic stories with Ivy Photography 2012.
( All rights reserved ) 


  1. The pics are lovely and so spring like! :-)

    1. Well, thank you for sharing your views dear Tina. Happy to know that :)

  2. There is an incredible importance in balancing our lives between work, blogging, family, friends, relationship, between on- and offline time. Thank you for reminding me!! Filakia!

    1. Glad to hear that Igor!

      Kindest thanks for your lovely Easter wishes, too :)
      Pasha in Greece has been simple and basic in a nice, positive manner.
      Hope yours was a nice as well!

      Warm regards all the way to you in Münich :)xx

  3. Such a beautiful photos Iro. But they make me a bit sad and nostalgic, I have not visit Athens and my little brother since last may. Life is running to fast and I totaly agree with Igor.

    1. Hello there and thank you for your kind and nice comments!
      Wishing you to visit you little brother soon in Athens, so that you'll feel happy about it! :)

  4. Iro, my dear.
    thanks for another amazing post with beautiful images. As always they tell the story themselves .. a story of lovely and soft tenderness but at the same time of the strength and power, which the spring brings.

    And it's so true, what you wrote about 'allowing' ourselves being less on line. It's just one part of our lives and there are so many wonderful others, that are waiting for us be noticed, maybe even sometimes to be discovered but always to to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest.
    As you may have noticed too, I myself didn't wrote a blog post since -oh well hardly dare to write it- 3 weeks now. On one hand I do have a little (!) bad feelings about that and on the other hand I truely enjoyed not to push myself forward to the next post, not always looking for inspiration, that I could share. I just enjoyed being online only from time to time, looking here and there as long as I want to, spending time with family and friends beside a few business things, which I've joyfully done.

    Maybe this is also about the balance between giving and taking/receiving. Quite often we find ourselves in a role, where we force the giving side instead of daring to lean back and just enjoy to receive. Just enjoy to GET inspired without the feeling you have to give something back immediatly.
    Having some free time. I mean free time and not just 'freetime'. Time without being already filled with lots of plans and projects and posts...
    Sometimes inspiration just needs a bit of time and calm to create beautiful new things.

    Warmest hugs all the way to you and just enjoy your time under the pink blooming trees near the Sea, my dear.

    Lysann xoxo

    1. ...my lovely Lysann, thank you for opening up here and sharing your thoughts. I'm wishing that the balance you need manifests in your life.
      I know it will, cause you care enough to search and work for it.
      As for me, I love posting so incredibly much, still then recently I welcome feeling full, complete and in peace even in absence of them.
      No passion should become an addiction, for they are two totally different things. I'm in love with the cognitive and creative process of my posts and this is enough of a reason to be doing so selectively from time to time.

      Good luck with everything and the warmest thanks for always being so supportive and generous around here and all I do!
      Have a great new week!


  5. Another beautifully inspiring post. Love the photo, so gorgeously simple.
    I agree with Lysann, we all need some free time, away from it all.
    Hope you're enjoying your time away
    x kat

    1. Thank you so much dear Kat, such wonderful comments you are sharing here!
      This current little break is mostly welcome. Still am feeling somehow always deeply connected to this place, even when posts are being kept quiet. This is also a place of inspiration for myself... and am enormously delighted to be sharing it and then in response reading comments from you and all other readers.
      Many warm regards, xx

  6. so beautiful and inspiring post

    looooooooooooooove your pictures

    enjoy your free time!

    1. thank you Catalina! hope you'll have a wonderful new week :)

  7. Hi Iro!!!! I miss you!

    Lovely images, I especially love the collage. The last image just took my breath away!

    Hope you are having a splendid time still xoxoxox

    1. Hi my dear! Thank you for all loveliest comments, am super happy you enjoyed these pictures :)

      ... we'll soon no longer be missing each other... in the meantime, keep on enjoying Berlin you so much love!; )

      Hugs, xo

  8. Hello Iro. Beautiful photos!

    Just got your message on my answering machine. You can call me back at that number or send me an email :) contact at nordicbliss.co.uk

    1. Hello Marianne!
      Thank you for your nice comments, glad you like these photos :)
      And fabulous about the message, we'll talk soon.
      Have a nice evening, xo

  9. Hallo! I just discovered yours blog! And I'm very happy:)!

  10. Hallo!
    you being happy having discovered this blog, make me happy, too :)
    Welcome and enjoy a wonderful stay. Thank you for your kind words!

  11. Very beautiful photos! I sometimes take breaks from Facebook or Twitter and other stuff like that. Sometimes I don't blog in weeks, even though I know it's not good for my blogging efforts (you know, online people forget so fast). Because of my job I can't get offline completely, but little breaks from the usual helps in time to time.

    1. Hello Mervi!

      Thank you for your kind words :)
      I completely understand your point. It is opften the case. I tend to believe that when strong and grounded relation ships are built, even on line people don't forget.
      If someone is to be remembered only cause of repetitive, constant exposure, then this is something different than truly being cherished.

      Strong, powerful connections are based in essence and I hope to be sharing here in such a mood and spirit.

      Kind regards,

  12. Καλή πρωτομαγιά εκεί στα ξένα!!!
    Happy May!
    We missed you. Hope you are doing well!

    1. Me kathisterisi therma euharistw kai polles euhes Marianna.
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing that you've missed me. It's certainly so sweet of you. I hope you are doing well, too :) xo