Vintage leather clucthes, warm pullovers & all about having d r e a m s

Hello! Happy Saturday!

Excuse my language, but is it  f r e a k i n g  cold where you are, too?

Spring in Germany IS totaly  b e a u t i f u l ,

as e v e r y t h i n g ,   e v e r y w h e r e   is green, green and greener

and the flowers are looking and smelling  g o r g e o u s .

Yet, the temperatures seem to have been left months behind!

Hellooo  w a r m t h ,  come back pretty please?

Like... n o w ?

No wonder I got a pullover on!

A very favorite one in fact, which is part of  a  S a l e  beginning here!

Blog + blog author  s u p p o r t   a l e r t !

We are both {the blog & I} in desperate need of money

say we shamelessly

and at the moment dozins of pretty clothes

are not gonna takes us anywhere nice or exciting.

And we both want to keep it rolling here,

making our dream come true

{I'll get down to  d r e a m s  right after the details}

But  m o n e y  will!

So, give us a helping hand, while you add  s t y l e  &  b e a u t y 

 in your already pretty - I'm sure - closet!


W h a t   c a n   b e   y o u r s :

P u l l o v e r  from Zara Woman, in a warm soft wool mix,

in a very good condition, worn lovingly only but a few times.

Genuine  l e a t h e r   v i n t a g e   c l u t c h  

with stylish details, in almost unused condition.

They make a lovely match together, don't they?

€33 for them both shipping {according to country}

You may use your  p a y p a l  account to pay,

sending money to -> ironassopoulos@hotmail.com

or make a bank transfer


Now let's get down  to our  d r e a m s discussion...

get that favorite hot or cold drink of yours... get all cosy

in your favorite nook for blog reading & on line connecting 

{ you do have one, don't you?}

and get busy sharing

cause I'd love to hear  from you!

So, do  y o u  have dreams?

{ I know, I know... who doesn't! I just don't rule out the chances that there are people

a l r e a d y  fully or partly living in their dream! And those of you who do, your contribution is crucial.

Also some people are simply very pragmatic. Full stop.}

Have you acheived any of them?


Are you perhaps on the road of realising some aspects or parts of your dreams?

How has the road so far been?

What are you future aspirations?

Yeah, I know too many questions...

but life is demanding that I learn and adjust right here, right now,

so I'm gladly reaching out my hand to all those of you !

So many chances to learn!


btw, here is what else can also be yours:

-> s t y l i n g   c o n s u l t a t i o n

-> i n t e r i o r   d e s i g n , o r g a n i s a t i o n   &  s t y l i n g   o f   y o u r   s p a c e

-> p r o d u c t   p h o t o g r a p h y  for your  p e r s o n a l   b u s i n e s s e s ,

so long the products communicate the  a e s t h e t  i c s  shared here.

Are you somewhere at or between the F r a n k f u r t ,  M a i n z  & W i e s b a d e n   areas

and would like to show me your  f a b u l o u s   s h o p ?

In need of  b e a u t i f u l   p i c t u r e s  &  a  g o o d  write up?

Are you somewhere else gorgeous and would like that we work together anyway?

I  L O V E   t r a v e l l i n g !

Drop me a line! I'm looking forward to  n e w   p r o j e c t s  :) 


picture credit: 
left: Iro Ivy Nassopoulos / right: here


  1. living our dreams isn't simple... but if your really believe on what you dream... you reach it... for sure!! I'm quite touching the sky... hope you could come here to see it in the sunshine ;)
    hugs from Provence sweet Iro

    1. Lau dear,

      Hello to you touching the sky! This is living in a dream & I'm happy for you :)
      I believe in my dreams and recently begun realising that no matter how ackward it seems right now, I must be closer to them than ever before.

      As for Provence, I haven't been there, at least not yet ;)
      I know it's breathtakingly gorgeous and that I will love it.

      Thank you very, very much for the invitation! I hope one day soon to be able to come enjoy the sunshine with you and when I'll have sometime again my own Home somewhere new {and beautiful for sure again ;)} to invite you back and have the pleasure of showing you whatever it is I'm gonna be loving.

      For now, lots of love from a place I... love, my home next to the woods
      {still have some time here & however difficult I'm happy for every moment}


  2. yes it chilly where I live too! Actually bought ankle boots yesterday because its that little bit too cold for summer shoes.

    I dream that I'm a brilliant interior stylist..

    1. ....and a great interior photographer...

    2. Dear Samantha,

      you know you can be all you dream off.

      So not only dream but enjoy being the brilliant Interior stylist and photographer that you are!

      Much love,

  3. I have a dream that I try to live: to add as much happiness to my life as possible! Happy weekend, Iro!

    1. Igor darling! :)

      may I rephrase you a bit? " I have a dream that I often manage to live, every day more and more"

      "I'm adding as much happiness to my life as possible"

      " I live my life happily"

      Sending hugs & kisess all the way to Münich {if this is where your cosmopolitan self currently is ;)}