c o m m i t m e n t & . . . letting g o

starts with no collage,

4  l e t t e r s,

o n e  word :

L O V E 

There are no words to describe how it feels  h a v i n g   t o   l e a v e  someone you love.

I love beyond words the person I'm leaving from.

Then again, love is all about two basic things simultaneously,

{ however contradicting they might appear }

being willing to  c o m m i t 

{ commitment is  a c t i o n s }


being willing to  l e t   g o .

Life asks me to do the first and so I am.

I'm letting go, however every bit of my newly emerged self is an outcome of

this relation ship

I can let go of him, but not of who I've become.

And who I am is a big percentage him.

It's a part of me I've come to be familiar with,

embrace, accept and most of all love and feel comfortable with.

Thanks to  t h i s  relation ship,

which begun with the most wonderful

"I know I'm not supposed to say that yet but...

I love you and I know I'll see you again" scenes,

{generously offered by life to me, us, him & I being the protagonists rather than just moved viewers
watching a Hollywood movie, almost some 6 years ago}

having taken place on a very  i d y l l i c  surrounding,

on an almost private, tiny Greek  i s l a n d ,

under the midnight sky of warm autumn nights 

and  f i r e  being exchanged between a pair of the  w a r m e s t  blue eyes that exist in the world

and another pair of eyes with a color ranging from bright green to chestnut brown { these would be mine}

Thanks to  t h i s  relation ship,

YOU my dear all,  are able to read  e v e r y   w o r d  written here from the very beginning some 4 years ago till now,

you are able to  s e e  my view of capturing the world & emotions through my c a m e r a,

thanks to  t h i s  relation ship my inherited  t a l e n t s

got a  f e r t i l e  ground to unveil, to evolve, to get expressed and shared

w i t h o u t  any fear.

Everything you perhaps like, admire or even love about me and what I do,

is taking place because someone I felt was an angel fallen from the sky,

 b e l i e v e d  in me & told me I'm wonderful.

Someone offered me the  t i m e  to experiment & to discover

Someone offered me the  t o o l s  to do it.

D o n ' t   e v e r   h e s i t a t e  to encourage others to  f o l l o w    t h e i r   d r e a m s .

Don't lie to them.

But if you see  p o t e n t i a l, 

then just selflessly  e n c o u r a g e  them to  s p r e a d   t h e i r   w i n g s .

No matter how I let go of him,

I am part of him.

This is why leaving everything behind me makes no sense.

I'm leaving  just material things behind me,

while taking  e v e r y t h i n g  wonderful inside my heart.

Practically, some things are packed to be sent to my temporary home in Greece,

till I come back to  s t a r t  again on a new basis,

unpacking then all favorite things that will be in the meantime stored in a garage.

I'll go on with everything I do,

infusing more and more love, effort & concrete planning in it.

O n e   c a n   e s c a p e   m a n y   t h i n g s   b u t   l o v e   n o t .

Without it  there wouldn't be any existence.

Have you dear all thought of it at all?

somehow I think you have.

I feel truly blessed to have been loved

the way I have.

Now, I'm strong enough to create my own basis.

currently broken , but alive 

And as time passes,  h e a l i n g  will come,

through love for creativity & sharing...

and there'll be sweet times & carefree times once more..

{ I know it's a risk to be returning to a bankrupt country with current, huge unemployment
but my tool is the I n t e r n e t , which means I can work from  A N Y W H E R E 
I can travel  E V E R Y W H E R E   for WORK }

till eventually L O V E  manifests again in my life

in the most wonderful & appropriate of ways.

Thanks for reading through,

I'm trying to keep you posted and not abandon this place

despite the current madness of organizing all this {unwished for} l i f e  c h a n g e,

while ensuring it runs as smooth as possible.

The most  w o n d e r f u l   o f   w e e k e n d s  to you!

 many thanks for following along via  blog loving

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which means that all lovely 525 of you

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and unless you already do, 

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Thank U so much for your precious, continuous support!


  1. I wish you are having a nice weekend too my dearest Iro. Thank you for reminding us that letting go does not necessarily imply this finality that we so often fear. Letting go has more to do with acceptance and progression that with endings.


  2. My dear Holly,

    seeing that you spent time reading my latest blog posts {whilst I know how short of free time you currently are } means a lot to me. Your comments are more than encouraging & heartwarming. They are the words of a friend who believes in me and wishes to see me living & owning my dreams.

    For this I'm very grateful & for the fact that through this blog amazing people, like you, talented, oriented, hard working and most of all kind hearted have become part of my every day reality.

    I hope to visit you in Berlin soon! And there is a certain pilot driving some god damn awesome private jets to get me on a ride. Tell him that I'll be honored to be flying in the skies when he's holding the wheel. I hope that there'll be also a little champagne to celebrate what will be good times for all us for sure. I think four fit greatly in such a jet, yes? ;)

    My love to you both,

    p.s: pilot may drink after the flight, no matter how capable and awesome he is.

  3. I was so sad ..that I felt like something like breakup with one you love and your thoughts on that.
    Then realized that mostly it is about you moving to a place for a period and have to distance yourself (physically) whom you love for this period and you can let go that (him) but not what you have become and you are more a part of him. Love is a commitment and thus let goes and yet carries within.

    Hope I am write ..and sorry for misunderstanding the words

    Wish you and your husband Earl .. much love and grace

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hello Manish,

      thank you very much for your wonderful wishes about love & grace for my husband & me. It is very sweet of you :)

      However the name Earl is nice, his name is not that. And we need yet to be married first ;)

      You have comprehended right, I simply took some physical distance from the home I love in order to allow space & some time for changes to come in the most appropriate of ways for us both.

      Your kind wishes are warmly received & wish you all goodness in your life, too.

  4. I am sorry. I got the name Earl by searching you in google and finding your husband name to be Earl. But I didn't check it much deeper and used the name. I am sorry again. But you replied in a lighter way. You have a Kind Heart.e

    Your designs are like for rich people (w.r.t place I live) but then your heart is rich. So even if design may have elements of luxury or costly things, what is coming out is truthful work. Consistent work (as is seen in your colour schemes too).

    And thus it is not about designing for rich but it is abundance which I see in your design. Spiritually Presented.

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