Thank U f a t h e r

hello there!

I just wanted to wish:

 h a p p y f a t h e r' s  day

to all daddies of the world.

I want to thank  m i n e  for having tried to be the best father he could

through out a l l  these years

say that I'm thankful that he, together with my mum,

 they brought me into this World.

wishing also to those, whose wonderful fathers are no longer physically close to them,

to find the  c o u r a g e   &   t h e   s t r e n g t h  in their hearts

to carry on armed with love & faith.

To  m o v e  o n   &  c h e r i s h   l i f e ,

cause their beloved fathers would have wanted them to do so.

As for me, I have to say that as days pass by and the time is approaching to

leave my current home,

s m i l e s  like the one above are harder and harder to put on my face & heart.

It's a normal  g r i e v i n g   p r o c e s s ,

that, I know well.

However, I'd like to take this  o n e   m o m e n t 

to express that however I've been discovering courage 

I didn't think I have,

however I realize that there are hundreds, thousands of people 

in our world who are going through tough times,

much tougher times,

I do also currently feel that what is happening is hard to deal with.

I love my home

I love my life here


above all I love being in a loving relations ship

with my life partner,

despite troubles,

I feel above all that we are c o n n e c t e d   d e e p l y ,

with  e s s e n c e  &  t r u e   p o t e n t i a l.

I wish that things work out for us

in the most proper & wonderful of ways.

Have beautiful Sundays,

e n j o y  with your  f a m i l i e s!


  1. Strength and courage Iro, I know you recently, but what trspare is a woman who is working with dedication and strength to face a new life, a new beginning. It 's true we should be grateful to our parents who have brought into the world and gave us the opportunity to live in this world with all its nuances!
    A big hug

  2. A big , tight hug from me too my dear Emanuela ♥

    Thank you for being here, xoxoxo

  3. very, very touching.

    You are strong.


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