to plant a g a r d e n

dear all,

my  a b s e n c e  this week after my  last post

s i l e n t l y  speaks of the  d i f f i c u l t y  I'm facing.

However, allowing myself to come here to post,

even without a schedule

a s s i s t s  my efforts of creating a bond with what I do,

and  l o v e  to do it,

while also connecting with you.

{ hooray for it being the 3rd in the row! }

Audrey Hepburn's words were the theme around which the collage 

was built.

"to plant a  g a r d e n  is to believe in  t o m o r r o w " 

I hereby declare that I'm a firm b e l i e v e r  in tomorrow,

which begins t o d a y .

However, I must exclaim that there is a part of the equation I still haven't managed to solve.

Cause I planted with much love & much care

{ as shared  h e r e }

a potted little garden at the veranda { and winter garden and all over } of the place 

I still call  h o m e 

But for me probably not being able to enjoy and care for it,

in just a short while from now,

it means that I neglected some important parts.

Or this would not be happening.

It feels as if I planted on a borrowed ground,

rather than my own.

It feels as if I considered my own something that was never meant to be.

And it feels as I didn't cherish enough something that was given to me.

For all these, other than being sorry beyond words can say,

I wish to l e a r n  from,

cause planting my garden  { like shared h e r e } is a little tiny part of my dream coming true.

This time, making sure it grows its roots on the right ground,

a ground I can call  my own

and no one in the whole world could argue against it.

What about you?

are you  g r o w i n g   y o u r   o w n   p l a n t s ?

perhaps  i n d o o r s ? in front of your windows ?

at your v e r a n d a s ?  b a l c o n i e s ?

l i t t l e   p a t i o s ? or when lucky enough in your  o w n   g a r d e n ?

what kind of  c o n n e c t i o n  do you get from taking care of plants ?

Is this a way for you to show you believe in tomorrow ?

from me,

wishes for a  g r e a t  w e e k e n d  ahead!

tonight is the longest day of the year

in this part of the world,

got to love long days!

{ even when these days are not the easiest we' ve ever experienced }

. . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. My dear Iro,
    we have two (! :)) strawberry plants, two big hydrangea plants, lavender and peonies in our very tiny garden - and I´m so in love with them :) although I´m really not a gardener.

    My thoughts are with you,

    1. My dearest Nadine,

      thank you for keeping my in the warmth of your thoughts, it's a nice place to be :)

      It's great reading about how in love you are with your tiny garden and all its pretty plants... and strawberries!

      Wishing you and the boys a lovely weekend ahead,
      I'll try my best to keep in touch, but if I fail please do not hesitate.
      Much love,

  2. Hi Ivy!
    We have a terrace with plants and flowers
    we have a garden
    We have an orchard
    and also fruit trees
    medicinal plants
    when you'll have your home
    you'll see that the plants will help you and will save you
    it will be nice to take care of you through them!

    Have a nice weekend!
    A big Hug

    1. now this brings a smile :)

      I mean reading through the enthusiasm with which you speak about your plants {here I mean both you dear Laura & my friend Nadine above :)}

      A terrace with plants & flowers & a garden with fruit trees is just a bliss. Thank you for the positive, indirect wishes dear Laura.

      Till the moment I move out, there are plenty of lovely plants to take care off here. Some of them will be kept by my ex life partner. He wishes to keep them. some will be given to friends.
      and then when I am at my temporary home in Greece, my parents' apartment, there'll be some to take care of + I'll make sure to make one or two symbolic additions from me.

      All this till the time for my new place to call home comes.

      Have a lovely weekend yourself!
      So nice you passed by :)
      A big hug from me, too


  3. It says what you sow, you reap ..... "And you dear Iro you sow with love and care the plants of this house and its fruits will surely gather in the near future. Wish you from the depths of the heart, is brighter!
    I do not know if google is able to translate even the feeling of admiration I have for you: you're a strong woman that you are putting into the game and who faces a tough test with great force.
    A happy weekend to you too!
    P.S. I love the plants, but I have a small balcony that I have slowly adjusting. My corner of the green, I've re-created in the living room with an orchid, a plant sapling very delicious, but whose name is unknown, taken from Ikea and some fresh flowers in small vases scattered in the house.
    See you soon

  4. Hi lovely Emanuela :)

    Happy Sunday to you! Thank you for the a ma zing encouragement. Please worry not about the google translation. Words spoken from the heart see no barriers!

    I love reading about your balcony garden & the flowers here and there in your house. Brings a smile, cause I imagine you taking care of them. And it's such a beautiful image :)

    It's true I feel that there is a force imposed on my life and me currently.
    It's so intense cause there is tremendous need for me to learn and overcome wrong attitudes carried for a long time and passed through from generations.

    I have decided that I wish to do differently and that is a road leading to beautiful flower & fruit tree gardens, part of which I'll be able to call my own. However, the road is not always filled with flowers, on the way to the garden. There is sometimes mud and weeds along the way.
    Currently I'm learning to smile while even covered in mud, looking all funny and a little pathetic perhaps. I'm learning to deeply appreciate every aspect. The gift of life and also the duties that come together with receiving a blissful life. I'm also learning to finally benefit & learn from mistakes. A big tool for a successful, joyous adult life.

    Thanks so much for coming over my little on line home and having a virtual cup of tea, engaging in heartfelt conversation!
    Sending you my love and a warm hug all the way to you,

  5. Hi Iro, I don't know if anyone has ever mentioned this to you, or if its just a problem on my computer screen, but your lovely images and photos or too big for the size of your blog page, which means that I have to scroll sideways to see them, and can make viewing a bit awkward.

  6. Hello dear Samatha,

    you are in fact the first to mention. Thank you for pointing it out. I currently have the luxury of working on a fairly large screen, so asides from some collages like this one which do indeed require a little bit of movement towards the page's end in order to be fully seen, I haven't noticed anything strange. I also sometimes check the blog from my laptop but it's still mostly ok.

    I could be posting the pictures smaller, but them wish to offer them in full view. and hope that then just scrolling down in order to read the post would not be such a big fuzz. The technical issues of the blog are far from perfect. But I'm doing it all alone and must admit that the creative part is more my strength than the technical part. I promise to improve as soon as I can.

    I also hope you still enjoy reading here!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead,

  7. Whatever you plant, grow, give life to, is never without benefit. If not for you, then for someone else - but the benefit is always there for whoever needs it.

    Even though you feel what you've grown doesn't belong to you, part of you will always be in it, so in a sense, it does and always will. Forever.

    I admire your honesty and your outlook.


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