S ü ß e s * Z u h a u s e *

S ü ß e s   Z u h a u s e

 "Home sweet Home"

 or as anyone wishes to call it,

 it's really nice to wish you all a  h a p p y ,  n e w   w e e k  ahead,

from my most favorite place in the world...

I hope your weekend was a happy one, similarly to mine

I'll be sharing details of our current make over in a different post

{do give me a shout out if you are with me, reading this! ; ) }

.... for now & from me another  " h e l l o " 

with progress going on in the bookcase behind me ; )

promising to share a better self portrait!



Contact me for rates & availability offering my  i n t e r i o r   &   l i f e   c o n s u l t a n c y  services.

so that we build together  y o u r  beautiful space, where your personality can unfold,

reaching  y o u r   f u l l e s t  potential.

Our living environments are but  e x t e n s i o n s  of ourselves.

By working on them, we inevitably work on ourselves,

allowing us to reach outcomes that once might have only been

dreams & wishes.

O u i !


  1. hello you! good luck with business! there is a lot of good stuff coming soon!

  2. Hello you, too! {better late, than never ; )}

    Thank you my dear! Good stuff is coming, is so very welcome, while the ones already here are cherished & appreciated! All my best of wishes to you, too!


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