~ do you ever feel like...?

So here I am again...I think that too many totally peaceful and lonely hours creating, also call for some extroversion and communication in order to be finding this so much wished for "Golden Balance"...
So let me please ask you...do you ever feel like...you are falling in love with.....
what you do?
Cause being involved in producing these cards in all ways possible makes me fell this way.
~ from taking the pictures
~ to processing them
~ to finding suppliers for the best recycled paper cards & envelopes sets
~ to caring about the printer's inks and papers
~ to printing them
~ to cutting them one by one in the right size
~ to adjusting them on the cards (now in a new way which allows easier detachment )
~ to creating sets, in order to suggest to you which match nicely with one another
~ to cutting the stripes to tie them in (new) sets of threes
~ to stamping each one with " home made"
~ to creating the paper labels
~ to handwriting on them
~ to finally making their pictures in order for them to listed on an online shop
...have you really ever imagined the detail, care and hours of work that lies behind making such a simple thing as a couple of wishing cards, in an as professional as possible manner, still all done at home, handmade all the way?
Well, before I begun this, I had not ever imagined....

This is what I mean by
"I support handmade"...not only do I buy (among other mass production products) handmade as often as I can, but by also throwing into the market my own 100% handmade products.
It's definetely time and energy consuming (and at the beginning costly!) but I simply adore the process and somehow I have a feeling that these cards will be finding many, happy, new owners and/or will be offered as presents to many others.
I'd so much love to know, what makes you fall in love?....other than your beloved others of course...in terms of doing things, from your own work, to your hobbies, to a simple past time, which process is it that makes you feel so grateful for being alive only to have the pleasure of being part of it and enjoying it?
I'll be looking forward to reading your replies, so please do not let me return to an empty comment section tonight!
Before I go, I 'd like to share with you that my most beloved handmade creation ever, my "Love of wire" was hosted at Etsy's Front Page yesterday, thank's to the wonderful treasury curated by the  artist & designer behind Tropical Garden
Here is a White Chrsitmas for you to be inspired. Hop here to see it live!

...and goodbying you with los of love, like the one that I feel when I engage in creating processes and wishing you to be finding all those things you adore to do and engage in them!

Ivy ~ xx


  1. What a lovely, gentle post?! I can hear how much you love the process in how you write about it.
    I am about to embark on my first-ever handmade Christmas card mission. I am now really the most skilled craft person but I like the idea that I am putting a bit of myself into each card.
    What I enjoy the most at the moment is developing my blog. It is my own little space where I can talk about my life, my musings, share my inspiration and connect with others. It really does bring me joy.

  2. I can imagine how wonderful it is to fall into your world of handmade cards and crafts and I know only too well just how time-consuming it is!! But so rewarding to see something beautiful take shape and your work is always beautiful, my dear.
    The two things I love are photography (this you knew, hey?), because I adore nature and seeing it in many forms and colours, closely followed by words ... having the time to lose myself in a book, even my precious dictionary or writing is heavenly. I love being word-drunk. x

  3. Hi there Ivy, was about to get into slumberland but before that.........ooo yes I do feel your joy .... ........I fall in love over and over again each time I open and close my oven door.....oh yes I do!! As you say above.......
    "feel so grateful for being alive only to have the pleasure of being part of it and enjoying it"
    The joy of passion is just so B E A U T I F U L!!!!! XX

  4. Your writing is so inspiring and I love reading every post!! ...and always paired with your beautiful images!!

    For me, I love shopping for fresh, healthy ingredients and preparing a delicious meal for my family. Filling the house with warmth and the wonderful aroma of good food, setting a beautiful table, and sitting down with my husband and son and watching them enjoy what I made just for them. ♥

  5. Feel grateful for being a little part of your wonderful blog! It's so inspiring reading your post. I enjoy being involved in producing any creations. There're full of uncertain changes but always turn out to be invisible strength and lead you to the positive ways.

  6. Handmade is so precious in our world where everything could be bought in mass production store without to much trouble. It certainly show that we care when we take the extra step and make or buy that unique something that was crafted thinking about the person who will be receiving it. It feel so good to know that someone really took the time to please us.

    My love beside my family:
    I love to walk outside really early in morning when everybody is sleeping and feel the summer sun and briese on my cheeks. It's the begining of a new day and anything could happen. I love to see and/or ear performances by artists who are passionates about what they do. I love it when that magic moment happen in photography. When after many try and errors everything fall into place and you feel really good about your picture. I love being me because I love who I am with all it's up & down.

  7. Hello again my dear. Here are my thoughts on falling in love with what you do.

    As Madhu, I fall in love with the process of cooking, selecting the dish, shopping for ingredients, preparing the meal, and of course tasting the results!

    I also fall in love with the process of photography, being inspired by the beauty in everyday items, finding new ways to look at things through the camera lens, and like Christian says that wonderful moment when everything falls into place and you feel great about what you caught.

    You know when you fall in love with something when you could spend endless amounts of time doing it and it never becomes a chore and it never seems like any time has gone by at all while you have been doing it.

  8. Hello and happy Friday to you all :)

    Thank you so much for warming up this place with your lovely presences and the things you shared.
    I particularly appreciate that you took the time for that.

    I love reading...what you love!
    It's always so inspiring & heart warming to be hearing people talk about things they love.
    It's like music for the ears...all of your descriptions made me imagine each one of you involved in all these actions!

    And it's great to see how many things in common we may be sharing with one another.
    Sylvie, Christian, Judy, Madhu Angela, Elisabeth & lady behind Tropical Garden, it has been an honour and pleasure having you over here!

    Warmest of regards to you all & hugs to those we know each other a little bit better ; )
    Ivy ~

  9. Your words are always uplifting. Your view on life so inspiring. I adore the care and attention you put into each item you make.

    The things I love, well number one is photography of course. I only really discovered it seriously this year and it brings a sense of calm to my day. It makes me notice the little things in life. My other love is searching for pre-loved items. I love the history that comes with each item and it makes me feel good to give them a new lease of life.

  10. Suzi lovely petal (ever since sou taught me this I cannot get over it!)
    Love that you love photography and giving new life to pre-loved items, giving them a chance to be loved all over again!
    They both show your love for life's essence and seeing the beauty in details. How wondeful is that!

    Thank you for your wonderful support always, here and flickr as well.

    Much love,
    Ivy ~ xx