Creating m i r a c l e s ~

I've been having a  m o s t l y   b l e s s e d   l i f e .

It seems as if it is all falling apart.

My current home,

my life partner,

my surroundings,

friends here I've bonded with,

all that make up my every day life.

It's shortly ago that I felt so  i n c r e d i b l y   b l e s s e d . . .

I've been actually repeating that since the beginning of the year,

perhaps for the first time in my life so intensly.

Still, life insists on  k n o c k i n g   l o u d l y   o n   m  y   d o o r 

that there is something  I  m u s t   l e a r n

for my own benefit, growth, security

and quite possibly for being able to share with others.

T o d a y ,

the  d e e p e s t   r e a l i s a t i o n  was felt right in the center of my belly:

I've allowed myself to be abused as an adult.

No, I haven't in fact been abused,

I've rather had  a s s u m e d   t h e   r o l e   o f   a  v i c t i m,

which led into certain ways of interactions in almost all kind of my relation ships.

Since this post that I realised & gave value to the fact that

I   d o   h a v e   a   v o i c e,

{ a strong, warm, loving, brilliant voice! }

It was only a matter of time,

that I reach to the conclusion that  n o w 

is the time to become

a  c r e a t o r .

A creator my own  l i f e   &   f u t u r e .

And as shared here,

I'll paint it  b r i g h t  &  j o y o u s  &  c r e a t i v e  &   l o v i n g   &  p r o s p e r o u s .

All the  p r e c i o u s   i n g r e d i e n t s   of my individual  L i f e  s o u p ,

have been successfully gathered.

Time for developing my  o w n   r e c i p e.
I guess part of making it  t a s t y   &   n u t r i t i o u s

is peeling off and cutting the  o n i o n s.

Well,  t h a t  involves dropping some tears.

They'll be tears of  h a p p i n e s s  in the end 

{and that end will be a new beginning}

Much love,



  1. Anche se mi piace tenere sempre vivo il lato più infantile e ludico che è in me, bisogna ammettere che affrontare i momenti difficili della vita con determinazione e a testa alta, ci aiuta a crescere. Dalle tue parole riesco a capire che stai facendo un grande lavoro, che sicuramente porterà i suoi meravigliosi frutti!
    Ti auguro di trovare la felicità che stai cercando.

    1. Sweet & so lovingly creative Emanuela!

      I was so happy to discover your blog last night. To see your creations and how you approach life.

      I'm honored you invited me over. I'm blessed to see you coming over here, too.

      Let's promise each other, that together with embracing the adults that we are, we'll be forever cherishing the place we originate from, our childhood, keeping the simple joys of being a child alive and present in our lives.

      Thank you for your warm wishes that I find the happiness I wish for. I feel that I'm just a breath away from doing it, as I know that I can be the sole creator of my happiness.

      I feel that despite being currently overwhelmed, thinking that I must climb a whole mountain, I in fact have already climbed it. I just noticed on the way, cause I've been so devoted to my journey. I'm close to the top and there are just so many clouds around.

      Still, it's there and I need not forget that the last part is always the toughest. Then I can rest, enjoying my newly set home, right there where it was always meant to be, being actively part of our world, offering the best of me.

      New beginnings are hard. But only till the fire is set!
      And I have so much to ignite my fire with!

      Connecting with people like you here being one of them :)
      Much love to you beautiful woman,

  2. Dear Iro,
    wow that is BIG! You will grow so much and I am happy with you that you see this as chance for yourself and not the end of everything. Don't forget to give yourself some time to grief as well though. Because that is part of the process and work that needs to be done! I salute you for your honesty and openness.
    Way to go, GIRL!!!
    Hugs Imke

    1. Hi my dear Imke,

      there are about 1 -2 days in a week since this all is happening that feeling sadness prevails. I allow it, still when it lasts too long, I start feeling uncomfortable.

      I embrace my grief, it is so normal, since I love my life partner since more than 5 1/2 years now, however I disapprove of some of his ways.

      I'm filled with good memories, sweet moments, while not forgetting how often we were stuck in behaviors we were both unhappy about.

      Simultaneously I take responsibility for the parts of my behavior that opened the door and let in such bad aspects of our relation ship manifest. It's sad they took over. It's sad we didn't make it. Cause we had all the chances and blessings in the world. ALL.

      This is a chance to break free from own imposed constraints.
      At least for me.
      I'll gladly cherish it, as it is the only way to move on.
      I want to live in my dream, or at least close to it, working on it every day.

      Honesty is one for the ingredients of a solid basis for a joyous, prosperous, meaningful life.
      I cherish it. I try to practice it.

      Next step -> constant flow of money, through organizing my business, my job. Offering my services widely, while receiving the financial rewards deserved for the quality.

      Then -> I can set up home again :)

      And then -> love can come my way. I hope to open it and see a face I feel I've known forever.

      Much love to you,
      I'll be in touch some of these days,
      Iro xoxo

  3. Hi Ivy, I don't speak english very well, but I understand you're living a particular moment of your life.
    Thank you for the amazing a beautifull photos, I love them.
    I'll came back soon :-)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hello sweet Giorgia!

      never mind the imperfection of your English, which I {and everybody else here I'm sure} don't see at all. Everything is well expressed and most of all it is filled with kindness & encouragement. One can never go wrong with that!

      It's great that you are here & reading that you love my photos makes me smile :D

      There are no language barriers, feel free to practice and enjoy, despite mistakes!

      Much love,

  4. "I've rather had a s s u m e d t h e r o l e o f a v i c t i m,"

    I know someone who views life in this way, and she sends herself into downward spirals all the time. In every sentence she says, you can hear what she's really saying - "I am a victim." You're NEVER a victim when you're in control of your life, so don't let yourself view the world in this way. Victims have no responsibility, or control, or optimism, so it becomes very hard to live a happy life.

    Unlike you, however, she hasn't admitted that she's the victim, and so she stays the victim. I can already see the change process has begun for you.

    "Time for developing my o w n r e c i p e."

    Those are certainly not the words of a victim! :-) I wish you the best, and hope your life soup turns out to be fantastic. I love onions.

    You have a unique, poetic way with words. It's nice. Thanks for connecting with me.

    ~ Stephen

    1. Hi Stephen!

      Thank you also for connecting with me here. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed reading through.

      Best regards from a... recipe developer ;)

      who won't exactly chop onions now, but will slice some strawberries for a fruit salad ;)

  5. I admire your writing and your beautiful choice of words. Your honesty and courage to share this with us is amazing. We all have moment in our lives that are tough, but you have shown us that with courage, strength and belief we can all heal. I hope you too get as much out of reading your followers comments as we get from your beautiful writing.

    Sending you love and strength.


  6. Dear Laura,

    thank you very much for your kind, encouraging words. They mean more than I can put into words myself, especially right now.

    Perhaps though telling you that reading your comment today brought me back here and the new post was born, is something that can somehow support the way I feel.

    Sending you a big smile, while being very thankful that through this place here, the writing and pictures shared, I reach out to people like you.

    Having love and strength sent out so generously is a wonderful thing. I feel lucky & thankful.

    I didn't know that I in fact have courage till I read words like yours... or when I go back to my own posts and realize what I wrote, coming straight from within, uncensored, pure & real...

    All the very best of wishes from me too dear Laura!
    Love to you + a hug :)

  7. "Time for developing my o w n r e c i p e.

    I guess part of making it t a s t y & n u t r i t i o u s

    is peeling off and cutting the o n i o n s."

    Truly brilliant Iro - for the meaning of it and the way you use words in such a creative, clever and profound way. It is one of the reasons I was so attracted to your blog, way back when, before I knew you. You have such a way with words xoxoxoxo