beautiful b i r t h s & s u c c e s s prerequisites

hello my dear readers!

popping in just for a little short while

to say  h e l l o  &  verify I'm doing well.

Yes, indeed, reading comments here & feeling action & interaction from your sides

supports  w o n d e r f u l l y  my own efforts

to face the challenging situation 

of having for now to leave the man + home + life that I love

{ I must always keep in my mind and heart my own words, 

which rushed out of me

in  t h i s  post }

Since my l a s t  post here, lots of parts of me are getting changed,

r e a d j u s t e d , g r o w i n g , l e t t i n g   b e   g o n  e 

or however one may call it...

the fact is: 

  I'm c h a n g i n g.

{ towards the person I  w i s h e d  to be }

The most  m e n t i o n - w o r t h y  changes taking place are:

-> having successfully  f a c e d   m y   f e a r s 

-> having managed to  t a m e   moments when  p a n i c  stroke

-> learning to  g o   w i t h   t h e   f l ow , while choosing & planning my life

-> being  i m m e n s e l y   g r a t e f u l  for life's pleasures and opportunities,

-> enjoying to the fullest extend even the  t i n i e s t  of them

-> having  o p e n e d   m y   h e a r t  to people

-> while  a c c e p t i n g  the doors that close


-> after careful thought & emotion examination,

-> having also gained a newly based  t r u s t  in myself.

I'm taking some time, 

developing my  L i f e  S o u p  R e c i p e,

while ensuring that it's gonna be delicious.

So, while being busy learning in the lab of Life,

I'm sharing with you some t h o u g h t s  +  r e a l i z a t i o n s

that stroke yesterday as I was updating my Facebook's page cover:

Keep well - stay focused - allow yourselves to fall

cause falling & failing is part of life,

most possibly a necessary & valuable prerequisite 

for the successful & blissful life,

we wish to  h a v e ,  l i v e  &  s h o u l d   d e s e r v e 


  1. You're finally back! I missed you! But I see that you're working hard ... very good Iro. We say: When one door closes, it opens a door!
    I hope that with the google translation of the message is clear :)
    A big hug and good luck!

  2. Buon Giorno Emanuela :)

    It's true about the doors, I've experienced it already.

    And so long as we are clear & wise enough which ones to open and which ones to let go, each new one is leading is us a step closer to our dreams.

    Thank you for the good wishes! It means a lot.Big hug from me, too.
    Iro xoxo

  3. Good to hear that you are on the path to happiness again, Ivy. You are so right, every end IS a New beginning and it's so important to See the chance in every new beginning. You sound tough enough to cope with your bad experience and I wish you all the best in following your way!
    I'm excited to hear what you come up with.
    xo, FrauSchmitt

    1. Thank you so much sweet Frau Schmitt :)

      I must admit to sharing your excitement about what I come up next with ;)

      I promise to surprise us both in the nicest of ways. Eventually!

      Thank you so much for passing by and your kind support.

      Wishing you a great weekend!
      Iro xoxo

  4. Sweet Iro,

    I have been thinking about our conversations A LOT during the past days. I have experienced you as genuine, kind, intelligent and reflected woman. I am 100% sure that you will rise from this low in your life like Phoenix from the ashes.
    I keep my fingers crossed for everything. ;-)

    Have a lovely weekend,
    hugs Imke

  5. My dear Imke,

    our conversations have fired lots of thoughts in me, too. In good & clear ways.
    Not to mention that I enjoyed all the way! ;)

    Thank you for your amazing words. The have arrived like the warmest of hugs and strongest of encouragements my way. Love that you write about the Phoenix. It was said to me again - rewind 7 years ago. Back then I could have never imagined the amazing life + experiences that would unfold before me in just a matter of few months. Like the past 5 years and half.

    It can only be promising. Yours and so many other fingers of wonderful people and dear friends are getting crossed for me, prayers are being said... it's somehow amazing... there'll have to be a big celebration when it all falls into place... and then to see where to place you all! ;)
    and not to forget the fireworks of course... there are types of them I love!

    Have a lovely weekend yourself great lady,
    Hugs + we'll be in touch,

  6. Thank you my dear for these uplifting and true words. How generous of you to share your feelings and learned lessons here with us. There is so much value in that and I appreciate it so much, because I know that for some, it is not as easy to do as you make it seem. xoxoxo