M o n d a y ' s S t y l i n g T i p : navy blue & powder pink

  2nd Monday of the 2nd half of the year 2013...

and it couldn't be a better time to 

officially  e s t a b l i s h  a new column


W E L C O M E 

everyone to M o n d a y' s  S t y l i n g  T i p s

by yours truly 

{ insert big smile here }

A little about the  c o l u m n :

I hope to inspire you while sharing these posts here with you,

not only to  d r e s s  stylishly

but most of all to get to  k n o w  yourselves,

a c c e p t  &  l o v e  them

for all the  w o n d e r f u l people that you are

S t y l e  cannot be imposed,

neither bought.

However a  s t y l i s t can be assigned & hired to work for others.

Personally I have noticed that my love for styling has been evolving parallel

to  d i s c o v e r i n g  myself,

parallel to allowing the best of me to unfold,

while having face to face talks with those nasty sides of me.

No matter what kind of outfit,

I like to feel that the clothes are at the same time 

a means to express myself and current mood,

while being  p r o p e r l y  dressed for any occasion.

T o d a y ' s   o u f i t  is about attending an appointment with clients,

while providing my services as

their interior design consultant.

I needed  to be comfortable as driving 100 km back and forth was involved.

At the same time,

I wished to be looking simple, still taken care off.

The meeting was about seeing   e x h i b i t i o n   h o u s e s 

at Bien Zenker, a company I'm so glad to have had the chance to be familiar with.

Here's some  i n f o  about the outfit,

in case you need to note down:

Have fun  e x p l o r i n g!

-> all cotton jeans Mango,  found here 

{mine were bought during this winter sales, when more "real" sizes were available.

I paid €15 for my pair. Reduced from €39.95, I was & still am pretty happy}

->  white, all cotton T-shirt, Zara {from our latest trip this April in South Portugal, Algavre }

-> dark blue mini cardigan with pretty buttons & a cute, tiny bow detail
Mango { currently not available }

-> glossy belt with a bow from Promod { here is something similar currently available}

-> My shoes were these wild leather ballerinas in powder pink from h&m

{ one of the presents I gave myself for my birthday in March  :)}

-> my bag can be seen below {please note I'm wearing a different blouse in that shot}

& a similar can be found here

{ another purchase while in South Portugal in April}

N O T E 

This post is  n o t sponsored by any of the shops mentioned.

I currently share, post & write about all I l o v e.

However, I' m in fact glad, to be involved in some kind of cooperation,

 should they be interested.

Since it has been proven that currently bloggers & blogs

 drive lovely people like you { and potential customers for them }

in their businesses,

I find it fair & wonderful to profit from it, too.

O u i ? Mais bien sur oui!


  1. I love all of your outfit, especially the belt, so cute!

  2. Hello Serena,

    thank you so much!

    The belt could be the key here & for that I love it, too ;)

    Have a lovely week ahead!

    Iro, xo

  3. I love the little detail of the bow belt, really finishes the outfit off nicely.

    1. Hi Samantha,

      glad you like the bow, too :)
      I guess all girls love bows!
      Even a minimal chic outfit in black would look nice with a black bowed belt for example, yes?

      Thank's for passing by!
      Have a lovely week ahead :)

  4. You were here in the Algarve?? ;)

    1. Yes, my dear Rita,

      I was and am currently sad to have not made some time to notify you so that we meet. Well, that only leaves one possibility: that I arrange my next visit to Portugal soon, cause from Lisbon to Algavre I absolutely ADORE Portugal!

      We stayed at Albufeira and traveled around with our rental. I fell in love with Faro, where we spent half a day. Loved the old city & the shops. How lucky you are to be there!

      Sending you much love + promise to make some time to talk more off the blog.

      Take care!
      Iro xo

  5. As soon as I discovered the first thing that struck me about you was your style very simple and elegant (it is also the theme of your entire blog). You have an innate elegance and are happy that you have shared with us some good advice and suggestion guide.
    Thank you very much Iro, I will treasure!
    P.S. beautiful your belt with a bow!
    a hug

  6. My dear Emanuela,

    you are so incredibly sweet when you write! :)
    You are very welcome & I'm very happy you find the tips helpful. Thank you for your wonderful words, they are like honey to the soul.

    Have a great start in the new week!
    Warm hugs from me, too

  7. I just loved your post. You really feel stylish and comfortable at the same time and also solved my morning problem for tomorrow! :D
    And please, please, if you ever come back to Portugal - Lisbon, specially - let me know. I'd love to meet you! (I leave in Cascais, around 30 km from Lisbon).
    Have a great week and congratulations on your new blog cloumn!!

  8. Dear Ana,

    thank you so much for all kind, lovely words :)

    I hope you are already dressed feeling comfy and stylish in the outfit you came up with for today!

    I've been in Cascais - such a lovely place by the sea! - and I'd love to come again. We shall for sure meet then!

    Wishing you a great, creative & joyous day ahead :)
    xoxo Iro

  9. How cool about Bien Zenker! I hope they make use of your advice & consultation ... for they are sure to be special that way :)

    You really do understand style, and not in just a superficial way. This series is sure to be a hit!