E n t e r * m a g i c *

... h e l l o 

H a p p y   F r i d a y !

This is being indeed such a  s w e e t   N o v e m b e r

while work & our own home project* are keeping me pleasantly busy


somewhere in between almost daily walks to the woods & lakes nearby,

other times alone, others with company

or with a precious companion,

the dog of dear friends & neighbors

who generously have simply allowed

love & bonding to evolve between their beloved fury friend & myself,

baptizing our relationship

as me being his godmother

{ funny how our names match : Iro + Roy }

I wanted to wish you all a beautiful,  m a g i c  Friday & weekend ahead.

* I promised to share the process & results of our make over in  t h i s  post

and I've been enthusiastically working on that!

P a t i e n c e  my friends... it's a virtue after all ; )

*      *      *      *   

These few words accompanying the picture above were put together last night,

while listening to a heartwarming collection

of female Jazz music, chosen by my amazing man...

The picture was taken already more than a week ago

with Roy by my side.

He waves hello to you, too!

He loves watching the duck action

in "our " lakes,

A rather large family of ducks, plus a pair of swans, which are still here and will only seek

warmer places any time soon...

photography & words by Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos {copyright 2013, all rights reserved }


  1. Thanks Iro and I also hope you had a lovely weekend :)

    You being Roy's godmother is sweet perfection!

    Really practicing my patience here to see your makeover ;)


    1. Hi my dear Holly!

      Thank you for your lovely comments & really sorry you've been having to practice patience!
      I would have loved to share here more with my usual pure enthusiasm, but somehow it didn't happen so far and it is already middle January 2014!

      There needs to be a fresh wind of change coming, even though I love this blog place.

      Sending you warm regards & sunshiny winter hugs all the way to Berlin, xo

  2. Love & fanny stories


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