H e l l o N e w W a l l !

... we might as well be mad

that's why a day was spent prepping for sanding this wall,

which, till today, hadn't ever seen straighter days before.

The man of the house bought & used with supreme care & elegance

a professional machine, which of course is getting sold

after all our renovation works are done,

any time soon hopefully.

It's not too much to ask after 2 years { ! } of having bought & moved into this

house, right?

{ Since you might be wanting to take a glimpse into this room,

as it was until some time ago,

please click here }

With a favorite wallpaper bought but never applied till today,

cause of the rather dreadful job* of applying layers of paste, 

sanding & sanding again

and especially the work

of organizing the temporary new placements of the furniture,

so that the room can also be of use during its renovation,

the day that it will be applied in all its glory {as I have imagined}

seems like a tiny victory which has taken the very long road...

how welcome it is!

For the record, this room measures 17 sm² and is on the 2nd floor of our maisonette,

which is also the last floor of the house,

meaning that there are sliding ceilings on the one side,

while the other side  - the wall we are working on - has a generous height of  3,15 meters.

My man & I both quite much liked how the room got a totally new

vibe as the bed got removed from the wall,

the white, Malm chest of drawers being directly 

behind it, its six drawers facing the wall,

with a comfortable corridor for passing,

and of course opening & using the drawers.

The "arrangement" on the surface of the chest of drawers
consists of :

1. my ever favorite "Antifoni" reading lamp 

bought about 10 years ago, while I was renting my own apartment,

which I now "stole" from our working room in the same floor.

2. one of our favorite stone mugs in grey purchased this Spring, 

paired with a natural wooden plate

{ see 3rd pic in this post }

3. a book my man is reading


4. one of my very few perfumes,

which mostly acts as a ring catcher.

I think I fell in love with the look as soon

as I saw this picture taken with my i Phone this morning,

on what is a cold, mostly cloudy day

with tones of bright light { that I adore! } though.

Before I wish you all a wonderful 

Sunday afternoon,

I'm renewing our "appointment" here for sometime

soon this week again,

sharing more pictures of our current

make over !

picture credit: Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic stories with Ivy 2013 taken with her i Phone.
f o n t choices: top hers & bottom his


yesterday among the wall repairs and  h o u r s  {painful ones, yes!}

of cleaning,

we enjoyed consuming the sweets I begun preparing on Friday evening:

homemade chocolates, like these below

and my "well known" soufle au chocolat

which served as breakfast,

topped with raspberry jam.

{ certainly not the healthiest version of a breakfast,

a delicious one though ; ) }

*  wishing everyone a nice closure to the weekend !  *


  1. Replies
    1. ... till I can bake you one myself, I can send you the recipe! xo

  2. Yes, your famous souflees! It's been quite a while since I had one, but the flavour does not escape me :)

    How fun with this makeover, look forward to see more. And glad you captured your wall looking so lovely.


    1. it is so true, I feel very thankful for having snapped this with the phone and then shared here.
      Thank you for outlining this here Holly and for your sweetest words about the soufle, xo

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