Staying at home for a s w e e t November... { Inspiration Friday }

left: all white home in Copenhagen by Norm architects via Vosges Paris
right:  via Tiziana Tosoni's pinterest 
H e l l o   e v e r y o n e !  
{ s m i l i n g  wholeheartedly to you... }

Friday morning* and it's been since the beginning of this - past already! - week
that waking up at home in Germany
is the norm.

{ have you perhaps read the instant post about how it felt to wake up in the middle of nowhere,
when I spent some beautiful days on Mallorca island with my man,
this trip being a surprise,
shortly after I returned to our home
in the beginning of September? }

Do you also like to wake up in similar places?
Have you been to this island?
If yes, how did you like it?
{a little more about it you can read in this recent post }

* was indeed as these lines were being typed; thanks to a nicely busy day though, late afternoon and this post can finally go on line!

clockwise from top left: figs via / "she believed she could so she did" via / wonderful Elizabeth Heier's new beautiful home via / fresh wreath via

It feels great to be having the chance to grow stronger
through the challenges of the past months.

It feels great to be back home, with my man.
However it requires
constant work with ourselves in order for relation ships to really flourish,
in order for them to become a means
of bringing each part of it forward and to the right direction,
we both made the brave and perhaps wise choice,
to use difficulties as  o p p o r t u n i t i e s  to learn, 
to grow,
and to take strength for realizing our dreams.
One by one, day by day, one strep at a time, minute by minute.

left: via / top right: via /  bottom right: via

I am personally particularly pleased with myself,
for I handled what was a demanding and discomforting situation
in a very  p o s i t i v e  manner,
emphasizing an open heart & mind,
and deep belief in deserving to receive.

I'm really proud that I seem to have crossed a bridge
I always wanted to, but somehow was reluctant to do so.

I'm confident in my choices.
Allowing & welcoming prosperity & wealth our ways,
sharing even if just a little bit of  g o o d n e s s with the  w o r l d .

Sometimes it takes such a small action, yet full of  love, awareness and pure, clear intentions
for what we have been taught to perceive as  m i r a c l e s  to occur.

left: via / right: via 

Going back to the norm of being at home in Germany,
I love it. I love it with all heart, mind & spirit.

Visiting Greece again for some days in October
in order to take care of some practical issues
requiring care & attention
has been nice this time.

I enjoyed myself as a tourist in my own country of origin,
focusing on spending quality time
even if just mostly by myself,
gladly enjoyed meetings with few good friends,
who always seem eager to engage into constructive conversations
about our lives,
exchange opinions about life in Greece, life in Germany,
the economic crisis, ways to deal with it,
a t t i t u d e  changes that when put into action,
following deep awareness, understanding & true love for life
they make the everyday nice, meaningful & joyful.

left:   via, via / right: via
Right now, I'm very happy when I find the peaceful time to post here
and since it's Friday, I put together some collages and diptychs
using images that came through my screen using pinterest,
making another Inspiration Friday post.

They all convey current moods and they aim at bringing you
t r a n q u i l i t y ,   h a p p i n e s s   &   g o o d   p o s i t i v e   v i b e s
while encountering them.

left: via / right: via

I hope you enjoy!

Have a  w o n d e r f u l  weekend!
See you next week while sharing some of my recent work & projects.

left:  via / right: via

individual picture credits can be found linked in captions
collage curation: Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic Stories with Ivy 2013

{ a note about today }
p.s: in Greece people celebrate not only birthdays, but also name days and today my father and the son of a wonderful woman & man have theirs. 
So many happy returns dear Stratos & Serafeim!

For the record, I personally don't have a name day, as my first name - Iro -comes from Greek Mythology.
But from next year I will celebrate, cause this summer, my man decided that I do have my own and it is on the 10th of August which is regarded as "hero" day. 
This summer I was in Amsterdam, I'm all smiles to find out where next one will be!


  1. oh my gosh! I have been so behind on my favourite blogs reading - and I can't tell you how happy I am to be reading the contents of some of your recent posts. Seems like you are in a positive place and it seems you are content, and confident ... I am cheering you on my friend :)

    Aug. 10. Hero day. F.A.T.A.S.T.I.C!

    All my very best wishes to you my dear Iro. Big virtual hugs and smiles to you from Berlin :)


  2. and all my very b e s t of wishes all the way to you in Berlin! : )

    Our Homes are meant to be e x a c t l y that:
    {other than aesthetically pleasant spaces, promoting functionality and enjoyable every day living }

    Places that are p o s i t i v e, where true c o n t e n t m e n t & feelings of c o n f i d e n c e and s e c u r i t y can unfold. Happy this is emphasized with your comment :)
    Also, challenges being occassions to learn and proceed, in a deeply wished for and forward direction.

    Warm hugs + kind, bright smiles xo


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