Circle LoVe + Breakfast for LuNcH

 "what is life but a circle?"
 "the circle of life"
 and such expressions are heard quite often,
 aren't they?

 I won't examine whether they are true or not,
 even though I can totally resonate with them... 

  I'll just share my
 love for geometric shapes
{especially circles ~> check here!}
 show you how to incorporate them 
 in every day decor and objects,
 using as an example this shot
 snapped this morning 
 from our gallery above
{our current home has a loft character,
therefore the space is open,
just for the record cause there are often
inquiring mails about whether I climb
on a ladder to take such shots!}

Circles and Curves easily bring movement
and a sense of softness, calm & tranquility
in our environments

while pairing them with clean, straight lines
and other shapes like squares & rectangles
creates a balanced feeling

... add some texture by natural materials such as
bamboo & jute
and voila!

your space gains some interest and character
even when few colors are used

~ ~ ~

in the picture above, you can peek into:

 Ivy blanket, consisting of different sizes of crochet circles,
 fresh flowers brought home the other day,
the new basket made of white plastic,
 which gives shelter to bread in the mornings {and not only!},
my favorite bamboo trays
 a darling of a paper box,

which carried mostly delicious pieces of {almond pie}
where btw you can have an encounter
exclusively made for the cafe's "vip corner",
while you enjoy being there...

... so, the morning here was literally spent
chasing all the sun rays that shine in our space,
{since 7:30 am.... completely forgot about sleeping in with such glorious weather!}
in my effort to capture as many pretty moments as possible 
before we move...

the {clarity of the blue sky as seen here} is something really worth of mentioning
these days, as honestly, it is rather unusual that such
gorgeous sunny days occur here in autumn

pure bliss...

have a delightful Saturday & happy October everyone!

 ~ ~ ~

... and because this post was written in the morning
and still has remained unpublished till now, 
 here are a few shots from our breakfast for lunch

the dining table has moved again to the living area
in front of the big window,
as both styling & photographing work
for a client's project take place there,
and we simply love sunbathing
while dining... well, at home.

now where did I put my sunglasses?
; )

picture credit: Iro Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic stories with Ivy 2011 [all rights reserved]


  1. wow...amazing pics!!! so sweet!!! have a sweet weekend!!! ;)

  2. these pics are just sublime! I feel like I'm right there with you ;)

  3. What a bright morning.
    In the 3. image ( breads in the basket); We say it "SIMIT" in Turkey...
    it is a traditional food along with tea and cheese, morning and afternoon:) I love it when it is still hot...

  4. I guess it´s a wonderful experience coming for lunch at your place. So lovely <3

    I´m trying to put you in my new blogroll, but for some reason it won´t add your blog. Have you heard anybody else having this problem? It only happens with a few blogs...

    Nina xx

  5. Thank you all for your wonderful comments!
    and for the kind information about the correct name of Simit/Simities ;)
    Holly, must have helped that you actually have been there in other occasions ;) xo
    Nina, glad it all worked out fine! xo

  6. J'aime beaucoup cette ambiance douce,ton blog est une belle découverte.

    Amicalement ,