just another day...?

 ... Sunday night after another day in the middle of Germany
 where you feel that you somehow, accidentally beamed yourself to the South,
 putting the calendar back to July,

 ... another fire burning in the little veranda
 getting prepared to grill dinner,
 under thousands of stars visible on the sky

 ... and short after you have come to accepting yourself,
all your charisma & all your shortcomings... 

 all that you are, were, have become
and all you are yet not,

there comes this thirst to reinvent yourself
and all you do...

all form the beginning... 
 but then also picking things up from where you left them

strange combination you'll murmur to yourself
and you'll be right...

and then I say to myself...

this upcoming movement of ours
smells as if it is going to be
a whole lot of a complexed issue
than simply putting things
in a box

and taking them from place A to place B

so you and you and you dear reader,
deserve to know that
posts will be getting spontaneous here for some time,
- well, in a way they have actually always been -
they might be as frequent as I never thought
or then maybe not

one thing is certain:

charm, tranquility, happiness
openness to new horizons
{much like this picture above inspires}
are qualities both desired and welcome

 in our lives,
a new home
around these lines & pages

there are mails to reply to
and posts to submit 
and yet these lines are currently written instead
like a stream...

while my mind is totally blown by:
the story of this magnificent lady & her work

this blog post by a friend which touched me, as does her whole blog
and simple, honest & pure approach to life

...and then,
 did I mention that I got to know a very rich person this morning?
where? when? 
while by the river, watching ships pass by,
feeding the ducks & swans while having
a spontaneous early breakfast,
after having passed by the bakery for fresh bread and
Simiti or Koulouri in Greek...

a proud Greek grandfather who was out with his
 2 year old grandson,
told me after a small discussion which begun with a  "Kalimera":

"I have two sons, one daughter and 3 grandchildren...
Plousios..." (meaning I'm a rich man)
said he proudly standing straight and tapping on his chest
showing his heart area...

you know these unexpected occassions
which might change your whole view on life?

priceless, aren' they?


 and then
 hope your weekends turned out as you expected them
or even better, that you got pleasant surprises and realizations along the way...

have a great start within the new week tomorrow,
 it's a special day here in Germany celebrating the fall of the Wall  back
in 1989...

I might be here with nice things for you this week
but can make no promises...
I think its better this way for now

 do pass by regularly though
and maybe share a thought or two..

hearing from you is always such a nice occasion

lots of love
Iro - Ivy


picture credit: Cote Bastide for BODIE and FOU 


  1. hey! thank you so much! cant wait to see you! love!

  2. Never mind! You are in my blogroll now :)

  3. ... so glad you are loving this :)

  4. Your post today resounds deeply to me...where is happyness really..??? my husband uses to say( it's an arab proverb I guess!) "throw your heart away... and run after to catch him back!".. I feel like I am in this "race"! Have a nice weekend Iro!