Mediterranean fresh ~

some fresh Mediterranean taste
 is soon to land on our dining table...

a home made spinat pie,
with fresh onions, 
dill & feta cheese

while it's getting baked,
 some time is... stolen to share this picture with you,
made soon after the cook had just chopped the
fresh onions...

a little quick styling + veranda's natural light
and there we go!

guten Appetit
warm regards from this place in Greece,
where I'm visiting for a few days,
before diving into
new projects & lots of work
back home in Germany

posts will keep on taking place sporadically,
 so do surprise yourselves
 and come back for more 
from time to time!

hope your weeks are evolving wonderfully!


  1. The title of this post made me smile. That picture of the ingredients for your spinat pie look amazing!! Wishing you a lovely time in Greece. Xx.

    ps. just so you know, since today, the weather here has turned to autumn...

  2. Great picture but where is the recipe???
    Enjoy Greece,

  3. Hello there :)

    Holly dear, glad this tiny post made you smile.
    The pie was simply delicious! ...should there have been more time to devote to posting these days I'd have made and included in this post "after" pictures, while also sharing the recipe.

    Will keep it in mind. Sorry for the little disappointment Kiki!

    I'll take both your advice and wishes and enjoy as much as I can here. Promise to take mother's recipe with me to share another time.

    Best regards and wishes for a great day to you both,
    Iro, xx