Aujourd' hui j'aime...

Bonsoir mes amis,

 hello my friends & a wonderful new week to you!

 was the weekend a good one?
 nothing to complain about here & lots of beautiful moments, apart from a little
 emotional turmoil caused - quite probably - by the full moon,
 resulting in some temporary family tension.

 oh, aren't our closest ones those to receive it all first? both the good & the bad? 
 and vice versa of course...

 how about you?
 are you affected in any way by nature' s cycles?

all right, enough of small talk,
 let's get down to serious talking cause there are things I wish to share with you.

 my love for French & natural inclination to speak this language is intensifying these days
& didn't hesitate to create a new series for the blog under the name:

Aujourd'hui j'aime...
{Today I love... }

several times so far some of my instant choices shared here were filed under... well... {instant choices}.
Nothing wrong with that, other than the fact that simply something wasn't there name wise...
 if you know what I mean...?

Concerning blogs & anything creative,
I appreciate everything & everyone that evolves naturally & step by step.
Originality & honesty are also appreciated. A lot.

Actions or posts brought forward in order to impress others,
rather easily put my away...

Naturally, this blog & myself are gradual and constant developers as well,
remaining always faithful to what is important to us,
to what characterizes us.

{Aujourd' hui j'aime...}
is a collection of pictures that inspire me and create a visual story for me.
much like the {moodboards}, I'm also loving to make.
Not necessarily from one artist, or one art, but a combination of them.
As much as it is created instantly, its effect is permanent.
Its images mark me & stay with me for a rather long, long time

Interior design
Photography &
pretty things

have always been inspiring me... after all who doesn't get inspired by them?

 in my strong effort to avoid repeating other blogs
and keep an honest & personal approach in this blog,
lots of my choices were kept for a long time private.

In the meantime, and thank's to Pinterest as well,  where everyone can simply have access to each member's  taste, I feel that my presence here is distinct enough & has an aroma,
a sound, a feeling of its own.
For the fact that I feel this way, I need to thank SO many of you,
that should I start, I have to be very careful and remember to include all of you in the list!

I'll skip this part for now
 & just go back to {aujourd'hui j'aime...}

I love visual stories and about 2 years ago, I had started writing stories under the collages {such as here & thereI was creating with my favorite pictures from friends & contacts in {flickr}.
I think {this} must have been the fisrt one.

In the meantime, it has become clear that
favorite styling both in interiors & fashion,
as much as stunning photography and breathtaking details
simply fire my brain cells,
while pleasing my eyes.
It's not only that though. 
It doesn't stop in the "visualization" & dreaming level.

The images that inspire me are actually kindly invading my life, the way I decorate our living space, the choices I make,
the way I dress and style myself,
the way I think & behave,
 and of course the way I work with others.

So darling people, allow me to be opening a window to my mind, heart & soul to you
through my choices, mostly grouped in my Pinterest boards and likes.
You must be a little familiar with that through the
{etsy treasuries} also curated by me.

Today's inspiration is all about secretary style,
wood & metal.

Enjoy & c u soon!


oh! not to forget:
 this feature is not bound in any way to be daily, weekly, bimonthly or anything similar.
Due to the spontaneity of my nature, it can be once a day, a few times a week or simply taking a rest for a while. Sometimes, it might even be more frequent that once a day.

 Each post is going to be mainly recognized by the date that it is posted under the label:
{Aujourd'hui j'aime...}


... and oh! #2, if you wish to read a bit on maximasing space in an open air loft
and see how I managed to do so in our previous home,

Thank's so much for your comments, 
being here & following me around the web
 in every possible {nice} way you can!

xxx :*)


collage crated by Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic Stories with Ivy combining the following images clockwise: 1. 2. 3. 4. 


  1. I´ve had a great beginning of this week, thank you. :-) Lovely pics! :-)

  2. What a sweet collage, love it!!

  3. Hello Jane & Tina, thank you for your comment girls :)