Welcome 2012!

Here's to welcoming the new year my friends!
a few shots taken this morning revealing bits of our new bedroom, located in the upper/second floor of our new maisonette apartment.

There are many things unfinished, but also quite a few things done, so I thought I share a few pictures with you.
[2nd, 3rd, 4rth & last pictures are shot there]
[1st is shot in the workroom & 5th in the living room]

I have to say I love this room...
it might be measuring 5sm less than {the bedroom} we had at the Penthouse {it was a 22sm room}, but we have the luxury of not needing to have any closets at all included here.

Mr J has his own separate dressing area in our workroom/ computer room and I get to have my own walk in closet... a super tiny one, but still a walk in closet, for which I have big plans one day... currently it's a totally undone space, with walls that need to be sanded, wallpaper that needs to be fixed on the walls and the storage system to be installed.... oh one day...

I'll be showing you many more details as days come, and of course I'll be posting about the year that passed and the one which just arrived.

Normally this should be a "how was your New Year eve?" kind of post,
but you know spontaneous me, don't you?

just a while ago and shortly before midnight, I decide to post,  after having had a delicious dinner - lamb fillets in a red wine + feta cheese sauce accompanied with boiled potatoes.... a fine {and strong!} Brandy for appetiser and ice - cream for dessert...

Oh merci vie belle....

I hope that the New Year started as you wished 
and most of all, that it will bring your ways all you need, wish and long for!

P.S: merci, merci pour les {1000 fans in FB page}. Thank you so much!
P.S2: in case you wonder where all this French comes from, it's the language I adore, studied for about 8 years and was almost forgotten since I started learning German three years ago... it's coming back and I love it. I feel it's such a big part of who I am and the best part, my German is also improving.

I guess such things make me happy ~

Bonuit mes amis...


  1. Everything looks great (your ring too) :)
    Plase keep showing us your new home and have a wonderful 2012!!

    (I love french too)


  2. Welcome to 2012 and welcome back, Iro:-) I am so curious to see more of your new home...it looks very promising!!

  3. Have a great start of 2012 - I love these pics! :-)

  4. It´s wonderful, your new bedroom!
    I love it!
    ♥ Doris

  5. Glad to see you again! Have a wonderful 2012 !

  6. so schön, dich endlich wieder zu lesen! :-)
    ein wunderschönes, kreatives neues jahr für dich!

    lieben gruß

  7. It's so amazing to be able to read posts here again and allready the little sneak peek looks great and so I'm really looking forward to more pics of your new home - that's surely about to get a beautiful place to live in.

    Have a lovely day.
    Love. Lysann xx

  8. It looks very promising Happy new year and lots of luck in your new apartment ;)

  9. Hello, and happy new year, dear! I´m so happy to see some posts from you again :) You have truly been missed, Iro.
    I´m in love with your new place already! Your bedroom looks stunning, and veeeery tidy :)
    I look forward to see more.

    Have a lovely day in your walk-in-closet!


  10. Good morning my friends! Bonjour!

    Thank you for your wonderful comments :)
    Most of all thank you for warming this place with your presence! You are all amazing in your own special ways and me one very lucky girl to have met you, on line & some of you off line, too! xo

  11. Happy New Year Ivy!

    I love the colour scheme you chose for your home: so clean and paceful!

    It's good to have you here sahring with us inspiration, beauty, expertise!

    Noticed the ring too: beautiful!

  12. Welcome back, Iro!!! I'm so happy to read you again, to see your new apartment and I hope that 2012 could be a wonderful year for you!